From Zero to Infinity in an Instant: Reflections on A Course in Miracles HTML version

You will not see yourself as limited to form
For what is real you don't need to reform
For real is what you will see, feel, and be
When you leave your illusions and let them go free
The Real World
This poem puts into verse the description of the real world from the Manual for
The world that you see brings fear to your mind
For what you looked for is what you did find
You sent out messengers guided by terror
That faithfully returned as dread's bearer
You made this world as an attack on God
But this world of matter is just a facade
It is a symbol of your wish for separation
Thought to be real, but without substantiation
But this world, with its belief in sin,
Will truly be transformed from within
Forgiveness is the means of salvation
For when the mind makes no accusation
The "real world" will arise
A new symbol before your eyes
This symbol signifies the dream's end
For the idea of sin, man will transcend
This symbol stands for love's return
And man will all of his fear unlearn
This symbol means the end of time
When man enters eternity sublime
But the real world, this symbol of peace,
Will also end, and its activity cease
The last step, taken by God, guides us in
As heaven is remembered and all found within
No Other Will
This poem states that our will and God’s will are one.
When I fail to forgive
When I'm afraid I won't live
When my mind is conflicted