From Zero to Infinity in an Instant: Reflections on A Course in Miracles HTML version

Miracles are a form of communication
Only surpassed by direct revelation
A miracle is only a temporary aid
For communion with God is where hope is laid
All miracles help us to learn
That time itself is not our concern
For miracles reduce our need for time
So we advance faster to the sublime
With a miracle we can time modulate
But revelation does not to time relate
A miracle sees no differences between mistakes
But works until all minds the Spirit awakes
The miracle comes from the last judgment's wake
When you compare with creation all you did make
For the last judgment is only your final decision
To keep only the true as seen with your new vision
The Light Does Not Condemn You
This poem deals with several themes from A Course in Miracles.
To escape from the guilt, fear, and pain
That continually attack your weary brain
You must take one small step ahead
And leave for an instant all your dread
While you hold on to your guilt and blame
You will not your inheritance of joy reclaim
To regain what is your sure right
Bring all your thoughts into the light
At first you will fear to admit
The mental errors you commit
You will condemn yourself for each
Dark area that the light does reach
But finding the light does not condemn you
You will bring your errors to what is true
And the truth will quietly dispel each illusion