From Zero to Infinity in an Instant: Reflections on A Course in Miracles HTML version

All errors and make your life new
Sin melts before mercy's light
And pardon does real joy ignite
You are the light of the world
The purifier of all hatred hurled
As long as people believe in retribution
Forgiveness will be your contribution
For pardon turns an enemy into a friend
So that life on earth does not end
For if revenge had had its entire way
Society would not have lasted to this day
As long as darkness does surround
Forgiveness will all the more abound
But when we have one error truly waived
The world will on that very day be saved
And forgiveness will not need to exist
For truth will come and errors not persist
And when we forget sin and begin to sing
We will see the onset of an eternal spring
Inner Power
This poem is about resentment and its relinquishment.
Inner resentment tears apart your soul
And on those around you takes its toll
But your pardon releases
And sin's burden decreases
When you forgive and make the world whole
The Wings of the Spirit
This poem is about leaving the world after our purpose here is complete.
If there is for spirit a reason
To stay in this world for a season
Is it not to reveal to another spirit
The voice of reason until it can hear it?
For reason says that the world here is base
It cannot be a spirit's resting place