From Zero to Infinity in an Instant: Reflections on A Course in Miracles HTML version

do not try to steal from each other because they know that they need nothing. They only
seek to share their happiness with others. As A Course in Miracles says,
To have, give all to all.
This statement contradicts the logic of this world. In this world, we are taught that in
order to have, we must keep. But thoughts, which are where reality begins, are
increased by sharing. When we give away our ideas, they spread to other minds and
they are reinforced in our own mind. And when we are ready to leave our bodies, we will
join in spirit, share our thoughts, and be as God created us. We will reach this goal of
union by overlooking all perceived errors and by seeing all of our brothers as equal to
ourselves. We will realize that love is what we are and that we need nothing, for we will
all share God’s gifts equally.
The Return to Heaven
Let’s do a thought experiment. Think about one person who makes you feel
uncomfortable. Maybe this person has done things to you that you perceive as hurtful.
Or maybe this person has done things to hurt your friends or associates. Whenever you
think of this person, you feel fear, anger, or hate. You would never accept this person as
your friend on Facebook, you would never invite this person into your home, and you
might even have thought about killing this person.
Now suppose that you were told that you would have to live with this person for eternity.
Suppose that you were told that you would not have real peace until you made peace
with this person. What if the one who told you these things was correct? Would you say
that this is not fair? Would you hold onto your resentment because you believe that your
judgment and condemnation of this person is just and right? Would your desire to prove
yourself right and your desire to condemn the other person be stronger than your desire
for peace and happiness?
A Course in Miracles says that God’s creation is living in the illusion of fragmentation,
that this illusion is a self-made hell, and that God’s creation can leave this hell and enter
heaven only by spiritually reuniting. Physical bodies are the symbols of this
fragmentation or separation. However, when minds become one, physical bodies can
no longer separate the parts of God’s creation. The spiritual reunification of God’s
creation is the salvation of the world. Since God’s creation is united in reality, God’s
creation will simultaneously leave the illusion of separation when the wish for separate
existence and the fear of union is given up.
Let’s return to our thought experiment. From the previous paragraph, we can see that
we cannot return to heaven without our “brother,” the person that makes us so
uncomfortable. When we have forgiven our “brother,” that is, when we have realized
that nothing that our brother did (and nothing that we have done) can damage reality,