From Toads to Queens Transvestism in a Latin Setting HTML version

I would like to express my gratitude to all those people who have
assisted in the preparation of this work. First to the Research
Department at ILPES (Latin American Institute for Health
Education and Prevention), especially Dino Starcevic, who
undertook much of the research and writing for Chapters 2 and 4. I
would also like to thank Mary Gómez and Diana Dávila, who spent
long hours proofreading earlier drafts of the manuscript, and
Herman Loría, coordinator of the Priscilla Project, an AIDS
prevention programme for transvestites, who was of great help to
our ethnographers and interviewers. Moreover, I must also
acknowledge the assistance of Héctor Elizondo who, as
coordinator of Group 2828, ILPES’ support programme for young
transvestites, carried out a number of key interviews as well as
making several valuable suggestions that have since been
incorporated into the final draft of this report. Héctor’s knowledge
of the day-to-day realities facing transvestites in Costa Rica is
unsurpassed; as such he has contributed significantly to the success
of this project.
Members of the Board of Directors of the Clinica Biblica’s
Neighbours’ Association, along with the Governor of San José,
Jorge Vargas, have all been very patient and understanding in their
dealings with us, providing help as needed and assisting us in the
incorporation of their legitimate concerns into the present work.
Finally, it must be emphasized that this work could never have
been completed without the active support of the transvestite
community itself. Not only did they give freely of their time and
knowledge, but, more fundamentally, they also opened their hearts
and souls to us. In turn, this book forms part of a larger project
whose aim is to improve transvestites’ living conditions, and to
provide alternatives and employment opportunities for members of
this community.
The contents of this work, including any errors or omissions, are
the responsibility of the author alone.
To all, thank you very much.