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Mike Enos
The training is conducted by world famous eBay trainer
Mike Enos. For over four years he has personally helped many
TENS OF THOUSANDS of people to start and grow their own
profitable eBay / Internet based selling business.
According to the 54+ 5-Star Reviews on Is The Top Ranked eBay Seller
Training Website In The World!
Mike is the REAL DEAL! He has shipped over 15,000 eBay packages worth
over $800,000 and each and every day on eBay.
He has been interviewed for radio, TV and print media. He has given
multiple presentations at eBay's annual convention "eBay LIVE"
(see picture below)
Mike Enos giving first of three eBay LIVE Presentations. The
Room was packed out solid. The Fire Marshall was forced to
turn away an angry mob of hundreds who were trying to
push their way into the presentation room.
(Photo Copyright Washington Post)
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