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sorrows, acquainted with rejection and so He carried it somehow on Himself so you could b e free - and
your part is just to open your heart and let Him come in.
You've tried all these years to contain the pain and now it's letting Jesus to come in. There'll be some of
you women here who've been abused by men and the trauma of it and the pain of it's very, very deep and
that person may never ever put it right with you. They may never be taken to justice, but God is able to
deal with this. God is able to bring justice to this situation, if not in this life then in eternity. What I want to
do is this; it's so important that you are able to from your heart let go forgiveness, not because the person
deserves it. They don't deserve it at all. This is about breaking free of your past. This is about moving on
with your life and so what I want to do is I want to stand on behalf of any man who has abused you,
dishonoured you, used you and then discarded you like a doll that was unwanted. I want to stand on
behalf of thos e men that did this to you and I want to say what I did was wrong. What I did was
destructive. What I did dishonoured you. What I did brought shame to you. I stole from you and of course
pain that 's followed you all these many years. I ask you to forgive me. I ask you to let go the sin. I ask you
to releas e this bondage of your heart that I created.
Let's reach out to the Lord right now, reach out right now and bring this to the cross. Just start to bring it
to the cross right now. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I come against the spirits of death. I
command spirits of death, spirits of perversion, unclean tormenting spirits, spirits of hatred, spirits of self-
hate and self-rejection, spirits of shame, I command you GO in Jesus' name. Spirits of perversion, spirits
of pornography, I command you to go in Jesus' name. I break the ungodly s oul ties. I break the ungodly
soul ties. I break the soul ties of sexual sin, sexual abuse. I break them in Jesus ' name.
Come on, let's just begin to worship the Lord as He begins to minister to people right now. Thank you
Thank you very much. You feel so welcome and loved here. Come on, let's give Jesus the honour for
what He's done so far; breakthroughs, miracles, deliverances. Hallelujah Lord! We honour you and praise
you and give you all the glory today ! Thank you Lord. Hallelujah.
We invite you to come Holy Spirit to help us. We're determined to fulfil the destiny you have for us,
what ever needs to move, shift, change in our life today, move it. Move it. Let it move in this session.
Father, I just thank you for those who've come whether it's for the first time - pray Lord that what you are
doing, they'll hear and feel it in their spirit, be able to quickly reach in and receive what you want to do
today. Lord, we open our hearts to you in Jesus ' name. Amen. Amen. Go on, give someone a high five
before you sit down.
Well awesome, thank you worship team. You've been so great. Let 's give them a clap. ... [Applause] ...
They've been fantastic and thank you for staying the course. You know, it's a big commitment but it's also
an investment in your life and even in this session there'll be things happen for many. I just really
appreciate you've called it a Freedom Conference rather than a Deliverance Conference because it gives
me room to move and one of the things that Pastor Jurgen has said was just flow with the Holy Ghost and
what He puts in your heart to do. So today we had many, many people set free just last session -
powerful move of God to just touch so many, many people but as I got to work with some, some we just
prayed for and others we were talking to and there were some issues started to come up and there was