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Now you can see that there's cases where there's been sexual relationships, many times there are deat h
wishes, inner vows, bondages of the heart. There's been sexual abuse, many times secrecy, bondage in
the heart, inner vows, deat h wishes, all of these kinds of things and the person wonders then, why they're
not free to flow intimately with God or intimately with others. We can get free of that. Acknowledge it,
actually recognise it, repent of our agreement with those things, then renounce the thing that we've come
into agreement with, forgive the people and ask the Lord to set us free.
So we want to pray for people now, want to get into an area of ministry to people and just say all of those
areas, every one of them, there's quite substantial teaching around it to help you understand it but you've
probably got enough to know hey, that's me. How many know that God was talking to you during that
session? Whoa! Oh wow! I thought it was just Jurgan but ... [Laught er] ... Why don't we just stand up
again to worship God again and what I want to do is I want to pray for people where there's been sexual
sin in your life, there's been sexual sin of various kinds - could have been adultery, could have been
fornication, could have been incest, could have been involvement with animals, could have been
involvement with pornography. All of these things open your life to defiling spirits. They bring you soul
ties. If you've been involved with porn ography you'll be soul tied to websites, soul tied to images. You'll
actually be captured by those images and the spirit of aversion behind it. You need to repent of it. You
need to let the Lord deliver you from that thing and help you build a different li fe.
Maybe there's some people here and you've been involved - you've been abused, could be a young man,
you were abused when you were younger. There's a huge shame and defilement comes in. If this was a
serious and prolonged abuse you may need to get special help and today may be just the trigger to get
stuff off your life, but you may need to get some further help to deal with the thinking patterns in your life.
Maybe a woman's been abus ed in various kinds of ways; could have been verbal abuse, sexual abus e,
physical abuse. We want to let God set us free. Or maybe you've been through a trauma in your family
and you know ex actly you made these inner vows, you made these death wishes, agreements with death
or you came to thes e judgements about men, judgements about women.
If you know that's you this would be a great time to get it all right with the Lord. We're going to sing a
wors hip song. You make your way to the front and do some repenting and doing business with God and
then we'll get to have a time of ministry.
Listen, just before we go any further, just in making the alt ar call now would it just be helpful if I just get
women on one side, men on the other - just makes this a little easier to minister, if we have the women
here on the right side, men on the left side. There'll be issues of sexual sin or sexual abuse. It just is
helpful if we just make that separation just while we're doing this. It may not be that, but just come on the
women's side if you're a woman, on the left if you're a man. It just helps us just in the ministry area.
Women can spread right out across to the right here, make a bit of room so you're not all jammed up.
Okay, are we ready?
If you know there's been sexual sin, sexual bondage, sexual abuse, there's been some kind of trauma,
you know you've got these inner vows, death wishes, why don't you come up and say God, I want to be
free today. I want to be free. Let's worship while you just work with God and repent, confess these things
Oh Holy Spirit come, begin to touch our hearts, begin to touch us now Lord. Thank you Lord.
Okay, just listen now. That's right, just lift your hands to the Lord. You can just feel the turmoil that's in the
spiritual atmosphere now because what's happening in your heart is so very painful. It's oka y to weep. It's
okay to let the Spirit of God touch you. He loves you. When Jesus died on the cross He was terribly,
terribly abused, violently abused and He hung on the cross naked for all to see. The Bible says He carried
your shame, the shame you've had of the things that were done to you, things that you didn't want to
happen, He took that shame. He took your grief and sorrows. The Bible says He was acquainted with