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If you've been involved in these kinds of things, you're addicted or it's a bondage around you, then you
need to come up and say God, I want to be free of this thing. I want to be free of all these things - magic,
sorcery, generational cursings. I want these things broken off my life in Jesus' name. Halleluiah.
This is what we're going to do now. I'm going to get the musicians just to sing this song through one more
time and while we're doing that I want you to quietly pray, whatever you've been involved in just confess it
and repent it to the Lord. Name it. Name it. Lord, I was involved calling up spirits. Lord, I made covenants;
I've cut myself and called on spirits. I've made covenants with demons. Lord, I've been involved in various
kinds of activities - just name what it is. Just talk - bring it to the Lord, confess it to Him and ask Him just
to forgive you and cleanse you. Just do that right now. After that I'll lead you in a prayer and we'll start to
pray for you to get you set free.
Are we ready? Okay, musicians. Holy Holy. ... [Music and song to 01.44.52]
I want you to just lift your hands to the Lord right now. I'm going to lead you in a pray er. I want you to
follow me in the prayer. You are reaching out to Jesus for Him to deliver you. After we've finished the
prayer, you just begin to worship Him. Keep your eyes on Him and someone's going to come along, will
come and lay hands on you and pray to break bondages. When we lay hands on you you just stop
praying. Stop praying, but we're praying for you. That's when you receive and when we command the
spirits, most commonly they come out by coughing or breathing out and you may just feel that you have
to do that or whatever and there may be a manifestations, may not. We're not worried about
manifestations. You can get free without any manifestations at all, so I'll lead you in the prayer, you follow
in the prayer. You reach out and worship the Lord and when we come and lay hands on you stop praying
and just receive. Whatever's inside you, you resist it. It's got to go from you. You arise. This is your body,
your temple. You take your dominion over it - don't let that thing stay there anymore. ... [Applause] ...
Follow me in this prayer now.
[Repeated by audience] ... Father in heaven, I come to you in Jesus' name. I confess Jesus Christ is my
saviour and Lord. I'm redeemed by the blood of Jesus from every curse, from every evil spirit, from the
power of sin and inequity. I am redeemed! I belong to Jesus Christ, spirit, soul and body. I renounce now
every generational curse, all agreements my family have made with evil spirits, with freemasonry, with
sexual sin. I renounce it now. I cancel those curses in Jesus' name. I put the cross of Christ between me
and my family line and cancel all curses. I forgive my family for opening the door to these spirits and Lord,
every way I've entered into this I ask you to forgive me now. Satan, go from my life NOW in Jesus' name!
Now let's begin to worship Him. [Speaks in tongues] In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I break curses
of freemasonry. I break generational curses of freemasonry. I break the curses, I break the agreements
and covenants with evil spirits. I break the power of witchcraft, divination, fortune telling. I break the hold
of spiritual witchcraft. I break them now in Jes us' name. I break them now, spirits of death, spirits of
death, spirits of hell, tormenting spirits, spirits of hate. GO in Jesus' name. I break your hold in the name
of the Lord Jesus. ... [Music and song to 02.25.01]
[Pastor Jurgen. 02.24.48] Well come on, let's give the Lord a great shout for what He's done, what He's
doing. This is what we're going to do. I understand people are still being ministered and there is such a
beautiful pres ence of God and you know, you kind of put programmes together and you put times and
everything else, but we don't want to ever interrupt the flow of what God is doing. But what we are going
to do is just because there's a level of longevity that's required as well is in just a moment we're going to
be dismissed. We're going to have a 10 minute break. Actually let's make it a 15 minute break, then we're
going to come back. This is not the last altar call, so if you came forward and you haven't been pray ed
yet, don't worry. There's going to be another one and another one and then this afternoon at our 5pm
service there's another one. In fact the whole weekend is going to be filled - this is a freedom weekend so
... [Applause] ... so - and don't be afraid. I think I've been up on about two or three myself so just as the
Holy Spirit leads make sure you're responding, but we're just going to just pray for the last few people
right now, let Mike and Joy get refreshed, come back in 15 minut es for the next session and if you didn't
get prayed for in this session we'll make sure that you're the first to get prayed for in the next session. So