Freebie Guide HTML version

~How the free gift sites work~
Freebie sites ship thousands of products each year, but how do they continue to
afford this and how can you really get your very own freebies? This section
details how the legitimate freebie site makes a profit.
The freebie process
To get your free gifts most freebie sites require you to
Create an account at the freebie site
Complete an advertisers offer (sometimes free)
Refer a required number of friends (Referrals)
What is a referral?
A referral is someone who you send to the freebie site, who then completes an
offer. Once you have created an account at the freebie site you will be given a
personal link. Give this link to family and friends and if they sign up via your link
they will count as a referral for you.
How can they afford to pay for the free gifts?
Freebie sites are paid by the advertisers to send them new customers. When you
complete your offer, the freebie site receives around £20-£30. The advertisers
are happy because you are trying out their products. For every referral that
completes an offer, the advertisers pay the site. Once you have the required
referrals, the freebie site will send you your free gift and still make a tidy profit.
Look at the diagram:
1: You create an account with the
freebie site.
2: You complete an advertiser’s offer.
3: Your referrals also sign up to the
freebie site and complete an advertiser’s
offer. The advertiser then pays the
freebie site for all the customers they
have received (you and your referrals).
4. The freebie site then sends you your
free gift free of charge, and still makes a
small profit from your order. Your
referrals can then refer friends so they
can also get free gifts.
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