Freebie Guide HTML version

Welcome to “How to get freebies”, your complete guide to getting free gifts and
freebies from sites online. Firstly I would like to thank you for reading this ebook
and hope you find it informative and easy to understand.
What’s this ebook all about?
Most internet users will have surely seen adverts like “Get a free PS3” splashed
over the internet and dismissed them as a scam. Mostly these websites are, but
some are not. In this guide we will explain the economics behind the freebie
sites, provide proof that they work, and much more.
Also included is a special feature on how to get referrals, which is the hardest
part in the freebie process. To get started please continue to read this guide, and
within minutes you could start getting freebies.
What freebies can I get using this ebook?
You can get almost anything, most consumer items are available. Games
consoles, mobiles, HDTV’s, cash, Ipods, Jewellery and other MP3’s. You can
decide what free gift you get.
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