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Introduction To Credit Restoration.
Rebuilding Damaged Credit
Bad credit can happen to good people. Don't despair.
As you do so, your credit score will improve, resulting in better credit offers
and a substantial savings in money.
With patience and timely repayments, you'll likely be able to build a new
credit history that creditors will look upon favorably when making decisions
about your ability to handle even more credit.
The key to having great credit is to understand the factors that can hurt your
Credit Sscore or Rating.
Bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, student loans, credit counseling,
numerous inquiries, repossessions, collections, late payments and charge-
offs bring your score down and hinder your chances of obtaining a new loan.
How It Works
Pull 3 separate credit reports from the 3 credit reporting agencies, Experian,
Transunion, and Equifax, and dispute any and all negative items.
The entire dispute process is done online and does not generate any
inquiries or put any negative marks on your credit report.
What to Expect
Results can be expected within 30 - 45 days and are mailed directly to the
client from the 3 credit reporting agencies.
Once these results are received, you can dispute any remaining items a
second time.
Usually the results we are reached within that time frame.