Free Beer & Sex HTML version

My next remarks are addressed to males in search of female company. Some strike
it lucky and find a lonely lady who shares their desire for a harmless one-night-stand.
Most don't. The lucky ones return to their beds disappointed but unscathed. The
unlucky ones fall victims to a sting ... and that's something to be avoided.
Three basic rules apply:
* Don't let your hormones rule your head.
* Beware of fascinating women.
* Avoid group sex.
One poor guy failed to follow the third rule and found himself at the mercy of a pack
of lesbian vampires (see Story 13, below). If you don't believe me, surf the net using
lesbian, vampire, killers, Australia as tags and see what you get. None of my guests
succumbed to that appalling fate but some fell victim to a lesser sting, which went
something like this.
Imagine that you and your mates go off to explore the fleshpots of a new town. You
fancy a bit of excitement and are drawn to the bright lights of a nightclub. You make
your way past the bouncers and reach the reception desk. There's an entrance fee for
men but women are let in free. That's encouraging. The club clearly wants to attract
unaccompanied girls and you see a group at a table. You join them and soon get
talking. Everything goes swimmingly. They're just the sort of chicks you've dreamt of
... no inhibitions and out for a bit o f fun.
After a while, they invite you back to their place to watch porno videos and get to
know one another better. It's too good a chance to miss and, half-sloshed, you and
your mates pile into their cars. After a drive into the depths of suburbia you arrive at a
small house. Videos go on and bras come off. The girls start to undress you. One of
your mates is preparing for action when headlights appear in the driveway. Vehicles
screech to a halt. The front door bursts open and a mob of guys bursts i n. They
accuse you of raping their wives. Fists fly. The girls flee and you're beaten up.
I was aware of three incidents of this sort when I ran my hostel. There could have
been others. It's very humiliating. Definitely not the sort of thing you want to talk
about. The victims were usually in their late twenties and stayed in private rooms in
the hostel. They were always robbed and their injuries were sometimes severe. I
informed my contacts in the local police and was told they knew what was going on but
could do nothing until someone was prepared to lay complaints. As far as I know that
never happened.