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5 Beach boys


In my last story, I wrote about mud wrestling and the young ladies who fought one another for medals that could be exchanged for cash at the bar.  The wrestling took place in a local beer hall and was a great success.  Strictly speaking, the girls were not employees.  They were competitors.  That didn't stop them from earning a steady income ... until the women's rights people put an end to it.

The girls were followed by a group of young guys called The Beach Boys.  They were local lads, recruited by the lady who managed the mud wrestling and trained by her.  They had well-honed physiques and wore the briefest of briefs (known as jock straps in some parts of the world).

The boys flexed their muscles and pranced around on a small stage beneath flashing lights.  Bodies oiled and hairless they hung onto their small item of clothing and looked bashful when female voices shouted for a Full Monty.

Despite the wild acclaim showered upon them by some members of the audience, I can't say I was taken by the Beach Boys' act.  That, of course, is a personal view.  The boys undoubtedly had their admirers and were very well paid.

If you are planning to travel round Australia and are thinking of putting on something similar, I would advise you to get a manager.  A work visa will be required for non-Australian residents and it may be necessary to join an appropriate union.

I'm told that sex is not involved.  Indeed, it is strictly out.  The aim is to create an image of masculine virility that will excite the ladies in the audience and make them more amenable to the advances of their male companions.  The mud girls' act was there for a similar reason.