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lose, just tell yourself it wasn't you but some chump you were impersonating at the
time. That's one reason. Another is unwanted fame.
In this age of rapid communication, images flash around on mobile phones. That
could cause unnecessary angst when you arrive back home. The mud is there to
provide cover for your activities. Don't give the game away by telling people who you
really are.
"Ladies. Prepare to show us what you're made of ..."
The crowd went mad with excitement and the girls took up positions on either side
of the pool. They crouched like sumo wrestlers then launched themselves at one
another. Bodies clashed and mud spattered. They squirmed around, displaying the
odd glimpse of nipple but not much else . The bout ended when Priscilla wrapped
Helenna's T-shirt round her neck and forced her to concede defeat.
After that everything went smoothly. More of my girls presented themselves and
were joined by girls from the crowd . Some were rejected as unsuitable. Others
dropped out when they discovered they had to remove their bras . The contest ended
and prizes were duly awarded to all contestants.
As far as I know, a good time was had by all. That didn't stop the local women's
rights organisation from protesting. One well-known lady picketed the hotel to the
embarrassment of some of its older patrons but was ignored by most.
5 Beach boys
In my last story, I wrote about mud wrestling and the young ladies who fought
one another for medals that could be exchanged for cash at the bar. The
wrestling took place in a local beer hall and was a great success. Strictly
speaking, the girls were not employees. They were competitors. That didn't
stop them from earning a steady income ... until the women's rights people put
an end to it.
The girls were followed by a group of young guys called The Beach Boys . They
were local lads, recruited by the lady who managed the mud wrestling and trained by
her. They had well-honed physiques and wore the briefest of briefs (known as jock
straps in some parts of the world).
The boys flexed their muscles and pranced around on a small stage beneath
flashing lights. Bodies oiled and hairless they hung onto their small item of clothing
and looked bashful when female voices shouted for a Full Monty.
Despite the wild acclaim showered upon them by some members of the audience, I
can't say I was taken by the Beach Boys' act. That, of course, is a persona l view. The
boys undoubtedly had their admirers and were very well paid.