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experience, that's a plus. Many get their first job by going out as paying passengers.
They talk to senior staff and make themselves known. Personality counts a lot. A
friendly, helpful crew is essential to a good dive operation. Make sure you come over
as that sort of person.
Working on a cruise boat: Cruise boats, like dive boats, need staff to serve in their
restaurants, wash dishes and so on. They even have work for hosts and hostesses.
These latter jobs are particularly appealing and preference is given to people with skills
such as marine science or a knowledge of the local area and its people. As with most
job hunting, luck comes into it when securing a position. One memorable young lady
failed to get a hostess job despite my recommendation. She had a pleasant manner
and was of Polynesian ancestry. I found a frangipani flower for her hair and she went
for an interview only to be turned down. The problem was her accent, which was the
sort that can only be obtained by attending an expensive English boarding school. In
short, she looked the part but didn't sound right. An older guest was more successful.
He knew nothing of marine science or the local area but was an interesting character
with a store of jokes and a manner that brought people together . He secured a job as
"master of ceremonies".
Entertainer: There's money to be made and all sorts of ways to do it. I had street
entertainers staying at my hostel and some did very well. A licence from the local
authority was needed and they had to front up for an audition. Buskers, pavement
artists, jugglers and acrobats were amongst my guests. We even had an out-of-work
Shakespearian actor who used to smear himself with chalk and dress up as Hamlet's
father. From time to time, young ladies from a well-known Australian dance group
stayed with us. They worked at the casino and entertained patrons with displays of
modern theatrical dancing, performing with their clothes on. Other young ladies
danced in nightclubs and ended the performance with their clothes off.
Dinosaur research: You won't get paid and you won't save money but it could be a
great experience. So many dinosaur bones are being found near Winton, in outback
Queensland, that help is needed to get them ready for expert examination. Training is
provided. Further information:
Outback farm: The correct name is "property". The Americans would call them
ranches. They are so big that the English name "farm" doesn't apply. While we ran
our hostel we were able to provide a steady stream of people for properties out west .
Some did domestic work, caring for children and the like. Others worked with the
animals (cattle and sheep). It was a mutually beneficial arrangement and I never
heard anything but praise from both sides. If you are thinking of taking such a job,
bear in mind that you will be living in an isolated location. In some of the remoter
areas, your nearest neighbours could be fifty or more kilometres away. If you are
thinking of working with animals it's as well to have prior experience . Being able to
ride a horse helps. Most of all, you must be prepared to work hard and put up with
tough conditions. The farming industry's web page provides detailed information:
Environment: If you want to care for the environment or be a willing helper on an
organic farm visit the web pages of the Australian Conservation Volunteers or
Nightclub security officer: generally known as "bouncer". Before you apply, check
out Story 6, above.