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1990 (35 years old) – Present
Rimpoche has been actively teaching the Buddha’s Dharma in many countries apart from Bhutan
including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, USA, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and
Singapore. The ultimate aim of Rimpoche is to propagate the timeless principles of the Buddha’s
Teachings impartially to worldwide Buddhist followers so as to unite them in one single faith of
Buddha’s Dharma regardless of any differences.
Whatever offerings made to Rimpoche have always been dedicated by him to Buddha’s
activities. Even ordinary stones that are the only precious jewels that can be offered by a person,
as long as one is fully devoted to Buddhas, Rimpoche invariably keeps them safe with him.
Instead of rejecting, Rimpoche incessantly tries to bridge all beings with the path to
enlightenment. When the time has come, the offered stones are subsequently placed into the
construction of holy objects, such as monasteries, stupas and the Buddha statues.
1995 – 2000 (40-45 years old)
The Dharmakaya Stupa Scripture Translation and The Stupa-Building
Rimpoche managed to translate the Dharmakaya Stupa Scripture from the Gubta Nagara Dharma
language to English with the assistance of an American professor, Mr. Ives Waldo. The scripture
was published in 1998 and as many as two thousand copies were shipped to Ohio, USA. The
proceeds were then allocated to build a 19-foot-tall Dharmakaya Stupa in Ohio in 2000.
To attain the supreme enlightenment, all beings must accumulate both virtues and
wisdom. This reason gave rise to the building of the Dharmakaya stupa which is a manifestation
of the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion. Its visual presentation can be viewed on our website, It encompasses the Perfect Teaching which
shows the Path that leads all beings to liberation.
1995 – 2004 (40-49 years old)
The Mani Kabum Scripture Translation
The near-two-thousand-page-long Mani Kabum Volume I & II expound on the prophecies and
teachings of the Great Compassion Chenrezig (Guanyinpusa). Rimpoche had been meticulously
working hard to translate them from the Gubta Nagara Dharma language to English in America,
assisted by the same American professor Mr. Ives Waldo. The Mani Kabum Volume I & II have
been completely edited. The proceeds have been planned to be allocated in the Buddha Dordenma
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