Formula's for Success HTML version

So you’re probably thinking, “I’ve read these internet manuals on how to make money or get
rich quick and I have found very little information to help me succeed!” Maybe you’ve seen
advertisements on TV promoting a, “build 20 websites and advertise them to make millions of
dollars”. There are numerous no money down programs available, in which you buy products and
sell these products for a huge profit. Most of these services and companies promise that you can
be very successful in a short amount of time. Sounds great, but if a million people are doing it,
then how in the world can you get rich also?
The information on how to market your service or product is in fact a dime-a-dozen. But the
problem is that, there are so many programs and websites that have increments of information
and give readers an extremely general outlook on how to achieve their goals. Have you ever went
into a store and bought a music CD and found 2 or 3 tracks you actually liked the rest were just
songs to fill the CD up? EBooks are the same way; you download information and expect to find a
wealth of information in a manual about promoting business and products. Unfortunately you find
one or 2 points that are helpful and the rest is information that is difficult to actually carry out.
My area of expertise are many different entertainment based services and products. I am an
entrepreneur who runs several businesses online and offline from website building, marketing
and graphic designing to music entertainment and producing a radio shows. From using the
techniques in this ebook and on the internet or in daily life, I’ve made a significant amount of
money with all these tips, tricks, and guidelines perfected over the years as business evolved.
Now the techniques I use are not necessarily ideas you have to pay for on the world wide web;
nor are they all that difficult to understand and perform. As a matter of fact, you can find many
techniques to help promote your website, business or product on the internet or in books. Taking
the time to actually seek the ideas and tricks that actually make progress in business and
websites will take you weeks, months or even years. The reason why I wrote this ebook was to
remove all the extraneous information and give you the straight to the point methods of creating
more business and visitors, and even buyers. Now whether you have tried these techniques,
exhausted all possibilities, or don’t understand why you can’t drum up more viewers or potential
customers, I ask you to have an open mind and focus on what areas you need to improve. Your
website may be the best thing ever! But it may not bring you all the visitors you thought if it
doesn’t have the right tools. This is the first volume of information on this topic so take the steps
and methods shown and experiment and perfect them. Have an open mind and do your best.