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Turn $300 into $30,000

Financial Freedom in as Little as 6 Months!

eReport By Robert Borowski

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$300 to Freedom in FOREX

“FOREX Freedom”

Turn $300 into $30,000 with FOREX

Financial Freedom

in as Little as 6 Months!

You are granted full permission to give this eReport (PDF version) to your friends and business associates, as they will surely want this. You may make it available to download on your website, give to others free, or even sell it (go ahead, make a profit!). You may share this eReport with others as long as the eReport remains completely unchanged in it’s entirety along with copyright and legal notices. Get a PDF copy at

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This eReport is dedicated to my son Christiam. You have shown me that miracles can and do happen.

Dear Friend,

Are you one of those people who know that trading FOREX is one of the surest ways to create a lavish income in the shortest amount of time (or perhaps you didn’t know), but think that you don’t have enough money to get started? Well then this eReport is for you!

I’ll show you that you DO have enough money to get started. In fact all you need is $300 to get started, and a little patience (6 months or so to be happy with your results).

I wrote this eReport because sooooo many people wrote me asking if they could get started trading FOREX with only $300. Here is an example of one email I received:

Hi there,

With this deal, could a poor man like myself start with a mini account and possibly make $200 or more like it says on the website? I could probably open a mini account for $300 and this would be money I could afford to risk. I sure could use an extra $200 here and there. Help!!! thanks


By following this simple step-by-step plan you can grow your initial $300 “seed” into a majestic “money tree”!

You can learn today how to completely replace your income! You'll only have to work a few hours each week to do it; what will you do with the rest of your time? Start dreaming, and read on…

There are many people making a great full-time income working just an hour or so a day (some even less) from home trading FOREX. They are no smarter than you are, and they come from all walks of life (waitress, bankers, bakers, doctors, janitors, teachers, barbers, taxi drivers, store clerks etc…). If they can do it YOU CAN DO IT!

In my opinion trading FOREX is the best way to make money, period. If you don’t know what FOREX is, or don’t know how to trade it then make sure to go to to rapidly start learning now by getting a FREE e-Course about FOREX Trading (and some other valuable but FREE eBooks). Be sure to do it today otherwise you’ll delay learning how to make lots of money really easily (you don’t want to stay in your current financial situation, do you?).

You’ve heard the saying, “it takes money to make money”. Well it’s true, and generally the more money you have the more money you’ll make. But don’t worry; you’re about to learn a clever way to make a whole lot of money starting with very little.

Why does this system start with only $300? Well, you could certainly start with more. If you have $500, a $1000, or even more you’d simply pass through the beginning steps more quickly. $300, however, is the least you can start with because that’s the minimum you can open a “mini” Forex account with.

Don’t know what a mini FOREX account is? If any of the term used in this eReport are unfamiliar to you then go to and get the FREE e-Course. You will get everything you need to understand clearly. Remember, if you don’t understand something then pursue learning about it – learning about FOREX can completely change your financial situation, and so it’s really quite simple to learn to do.

With this system we’re going to assume you’re starting with $300, but again, if you start with more you’ll simply skip ahead a few steps.

Just to make sure you understand I’m going to briefly explain “lot” sizes. When you are trading a “mini” account the “lot” sizes are 10,000. What this means is by trading one mini lot you are trading 10,000 worth of currency (i.e. US Dollar). The nice thing is that to “control” that lot you don’t need to have $10,000 at all. Your broker will let you trade a mini lot as long as you have $100 “on margin” (some will even let you trade a mini lot with only $50 on margin). So, if you have $100 you can trade $10,000!!! (Need a FOREX broker? Find out who is the best to use at

When a currency pair (trading one currency for another) moves up or down a “pip” you will generally make $1 for each pip. A pip is 1/100 of a penny, but when you multiply it by say $10,000 traded then a pip is equal to $1 of profit. Now if you were to trade two mini lots (like you could do if you had $200 or more in your trading account) you would then make $2 for each pip, etc…

When you have at least $2,000 in your trading account you can then trade “regular lots” instead of “mini lots”. Regular lots are ten times the size of a mini, so you’d be trading $100,000 (with only $1,000 on margin) and each pip is usually $10. As you can see you’d be making money faster trading regular lots over mini… but this eReport will teach you how to get to that point starting with only $300.