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This eReport is dedicated to my son Christiam. You have
shown me that miracles can and do happen.
Dear Friend,
Are you one of those people who know that trading FOREX is one
of the surest ways to create a lavish income in the shortest amount
of time (or perhaps you didn’t know), but think that you don’t have
enough money to get started? Well then this eReport is for you!
I’ll show you that you DO have enough money to get started. In
fact all you need is $300 to get started, and a little patience (6
months or so to be happy with your results).
I wrote this eReport because sooooo many people wrote me asking
if they could get started trading FOREX with only $300. Here is
an example of one email I received:
Hi there,
With this deal, could a poor man like myself start with a mini
account and possibly make $200 or more like it says on the
website? I could probably open a mini account for $300 and
this would be money I could afford to risk. I sure could use
an extra $200 here and there. Help!!! thanks