Foreclosed: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery HTML version

Mitzy Neuhaus pulled her desk chair up to the microphone. The
radio booth was small, and Johnny, her host , nudged her with his
elbow, and smiled. Mitzy slipped her headphones on.
Johnny Headly, host of the morning show on the local Christian
talk radio station began his morning chatter. "Hey, Mitzy, baby.
How's the real estate business?" It was the same every Wednesday
She smiled her wide, bright smile. "Business is good, John. Not
fast, not hectic, not for the fearful, but good."
"How can it be good, Mitz?"
"It's not perfect, of course." Mitzy shifted in her seat. "But there
are great deals and brilliant Realtors ready to find you one. If you
have some equity or savings and are ready to make a move, the best
Realtors are reading and waiting." Mitzy wasn't just putting a good
spin on a bad economy. If only people would grab the houses while
they could, Realtors could save the economy.
"Mitzy is ready and waiting? That sounds too good to be true,"
Johnny drawled.
Mitzy cringed. How did he manage to make that sound so dirty?
"Ready and waiting—to sell a house, Johnny." She wished the radio
audience could see her roll her eyes. "It's all about the money,
friend. If you need to get out of your house, a good Realtor can still
make you some money. And good Realtors are available."
"Mitzy, I've been dying to know for years; are you available?
And can I change that?"
"If you need your house sold, John, I'm your girl. Anything
else…well, leave your card with my assistant." Mitzy scrunched her
nose at Johnny.
He winked.
"But speaking of experienced professionals in the homes
industry, I want to spotlight my professional peers who work
tire lessly in the mortgage business."
"Not those devils that wrecked the economy."
"Of course not! The economic crisis has sifted the wheat, and
the chaff has blown away. The sub-prime creative loan e lement has