Forced Destiny HTML version

They used to call this city „the city that never sleeps' How ironic now that you can hear a pin
drop. I have to say that life is better after the war or so I've heard. I wasn't alive during the
before time and, I was just a baby as everything started clearing up. I'm grateful for that. I can
just imagine the dreams I would be having if I grew up during that crappy time. Anyway, the
world is still rebuilding itself, trying to get itself back to where it once was. I guess these things
took time, but money was making a comeback and the economy was stabilizing itself. So, there
was hope, or maybe I was just foolish. Maybe I am just a blind optimist.
The current economy is run by crooks, crime bosses, and corrupt politicians. I guess we, as
humans, do not learn from our previous mistakes. I guess it is in our nature to destroy ourselves.
A sudden knot in my stomach snapped me back into my harsh reality, and I realized someone
was in the room with me now. I've always had good senses; sometimes I feel like they are
freakishly good.
“Hey, Zack, why don't you go back to bed on your own two legs, or do I have to escort you
back to Dee's room?” Dee was my roommate.
“Come on, Luna! You know you have that feeling for me. Just give in to it.” Zack cozied
up next to me, and there went my moment of peace.
“Yeah, I got a feeling, and I call it nausea.” Dee always picked the losers. This was the third
guy in a month that she'd brought home who had tried to hit on me. Doesn't help that Dee's legs
are open 22/7. Have to give the girl some time to rest.
“Oh, so you are playing hard to get? I like that. I will be back,” Zack boasted confidently.
“I hope you won't, or I will be taking you out with the rest of the trash,” I replied to him.
He winked at me as he made his way back into Dee's room. I don't know what it is. I don't
think I'm ugly but people give me too much credit. I'm not that tall. I stand around 5'3”. I have
long black hair hanging down to my waist. I do have two main companions that bring me a lot
of attention, but all girls have them. I do have a backside to match my buddies up front. Still, I
think people are crazy for hitting on me. I'm just like all the other girls in this corrupt world.
One time another girl hit on me. Sorry, girls, my door swings one way and it ain't yours, but I
was still flattered. Then there are creeps like Zack that will just hump anything. Now I know
why they are called dogs…