Forced Destiny HTML version

I awoke in a cold sweat. This was the third time this week I'd had the same dream. Though
it was more of a nightmare. It seemed to happen every o ther night. In the dream I am being
stalked; by what I don't know: go figure. All I know is that I try running from it but when the
red eyes catch up to me everything's blacked out. Then I wake up. I have heard people say that
dreams are a way to tell you something. Unless this dream is trying to tell me that some creep is
going to throw a blanket over my head, then I don't know what it means.
I sat up with my knees tucked against my stomach. I'd never been one to have recurring
dreams. I thought about anything that could've triggered them but there wasn't anything I could
think of. What great help I was being to myself. The past two times I didn't go back to sleep, so
I knew that it was useless to even try to attempt it. O h how I wanted to kick this dream's ass. I
ran a frustrated hand over my blood-shot eyes and groaned. Since I wasn't going back to sleep I
tried to make a mental note on what I was going to wear to work the upcoming day. I didn't
have much but cherished all I did have. Money was just making a comeback as currency and
businesses were trying to re-establish themselves. Slowly but surely commerce would reclaim
its place at the helm of society. And, of course, I was in the middle of it all, as so many people
I still couldn't figure out what I wanted to wear. I did want to look good, but at the same
time I wasn't a diva and, truth be told, I didn't want to be. The last diva I met I'd wanted to
knock her out. I think the fist-to- mouth method works wonders on them.
After finally deciding on what I was going to wear, I decided I could not stay sitting in my
bed like a useless lump. So, I got up and strolled into the living room area where the kitchen and
the living room were combined. What I loved about this apartment was that it was located on
one of the highest floors in our building, and I could get lost by looking out the window towards
the vast sky. Most of the time when I gaze out the window it is during this serene time of day.
The rain pounded against the building: The rhythmic rataplan lulling me away from the bad
dreams and bad thoughts.