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God - I'm sorry to bother you, but would you have a few minutes to discuss...?
Achilles – Oh, no no no, I’m not interested in Jehovah and his Witnesses at all, that’s really not my stuff, sorry Miss...
God (seeming confused) – Witnesses of... what?
Achilles - Jehovah's... Aren’t you a Jehovah's Witness?
God (long silence) – What’s Jehovah?
Achilles – You know, this weird god… or this weird cult to be more precise, predicting a pre-millennial Apocalypse...
God (sigh) – Tssss, what’s this kind of crap?! Is it new?!
Achilles – Yeah, kind off. So, what do you want then? Looking for a street? Are you lost?
God – No, no, I’d just like an explanation about what’s going on here... I mean, the world ecological situation... it’s an
unequaled disaster and… no one seems to panic...
Achilles – Of course not, why should we panic?
God – Well... this world is slowly dying, and... people still live as if everything‘s okay!
Achilles – I don’t see what else we could do...
Achilles explained to me that the ecological disaster suffered by the planet was worldly known, but that no one cared
because people loved money more than they loved the cradle of their life. My apparently unique point of view of a
breathtaking earth was unattainable for them due to the complexity of their lives. Far from contemplating their home
planet with adoration, their existence lacked the necessary perspective to capture the excellence of my unquestionable
know-how. Despite its moving beauty, the Creation and labor it represented wasn’t their main concern. Some of them
even pushed the vice to grow rich on its destruction, and do anything to prevent anyone from stopping them. Their
concern for the common good was inexistent, while their own fortune supposedly deserved all sacrifices, even the
most obscene. It was useless to deny the obvious: the species ugliness was beyond limit... I couldn’t believe my ears. I
gave life to a pile of excrement, whose phenomenal blinders and my power contempt allowed all sacrileges.
God – But does anybody faint at the sight of this world wonders? Can’t you see the work of an indisputable genius?
Achilles – No, not that much. And money, you know… it’s really tempting...
God – But... but it’s just paper!
Achilles – Yes I know, but some people are obsessed with it, they always want to have more... Some don’t even know
how to spend it...
God – Are you this kind of person?
Achilles – No, most of us don’t have enough. I’m talking about a minority.