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For God’s Sake
I've always been solitary, even into the arms of my Achilles.
I've always been optimistic, even after the discovery of human suffering.
I've always been curious, even knowing everything.
I've always been a coward, even at the top of my power.
I've always been unique, even before it existed.
One day, I appeared. I do not know how or why. I was just born, suddenly.
First I was happy of course. I thought I was going to develop myself into a true work of art. And that I had to
accomplish this task, eternity ahead of me. And at this instant, the notion of eternity intervened. Time was supposed to
exist, but death didn’t, not for me. I couldn’t even be sure if time was a reality or not. What a horrible discovery it
was... I was doomed to never disappear. To never rest, never sleep. Never dream either. To that thought, my mind
froze with fear, absolute fear, terror to see the time pass without anything changing in my mind, and everything
becoming stale, a fear of going crazy of loneliness... This fear was so strong, that something very strange suddenly
appeared in me : life. I didn’t know where it came from, but there it was. Fear of eternity had given birth to life,
created to finally disappear.
I let life grow. Evolve. Beings increasingly complex appeared. And then, Mankind was born.
I didn’t notice it at first, who would care? I started watching it when its disrespect was just too huge to miss.
The first human I met was very young and ordinary. The average citizen you can find anywhere in the West. Neurotic,
insecure, in short the typical guy.
His name was Achilles.
First meeting with Achilles
God (stopping a passer-by) – Excuse-me...
(The passer-by runs away)
God (approaching another) – Excuse-me, please...
(he runs away as well)
God (approaching a young man lazily strolling) – Please, young man...
Achilles - Yes?