Foods that will Win the War HTML version

how to utilize all kinds of fats. It contains 47 recipes for the
making of war breads; 64 recipes on low-cost meat dishes and
meat substitutes; 54 recipes for sugarless desserts; menus for
meatless and wheatless days, methods of purchasing—in all some
two hundred ways of meeting present food conditions at minimum
cost and without the sacrifice of nutrition.
Not only have its authors planned to help the woman in the home,
conserve the family income, but to encourage those saving habits
which must be acquired by this nation if we are to secure a
permanent peace that will insure the world against another
onslaught by the Prussian military powers.
A little bit of saving in food means a tremendous aggregate total,
when 100,000,000 people are doing the saving. One wheatless
meal a day would not mean hardship; there are always corn and
other products to be used. Yet one wheatless meal a day in every
family would mean a saving of 90,000,000 bushels of wheat,
which totals 5,400,000,000 lbs. Two meatless days a week would
mean a saving of 2,200,000 lbs. of meat per annum. One
teaspoonful of sugar per person saved each day would insure a
supply ample to take care of our soldiers and our Allies. These
quantities mean but a small individual sacrifice, but when
multiplied by our vast population they will immeasurably aid and
encourage the men who are giving their lives to the noble cause of
humanity on which our nation has embarked.
The Authors.
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SAVE WHEAT: Reasons Why Our Government Asks Us to Save Wheat,
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