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Food will win the war, and the nation whose food resources are
best conserved will be the victor. This is the truth that our
government is trying to drive home to every man, woman and child
in America. We have always been happy in the fact that ours was
the richest nation in the world, possessing unlimited supplies of
food, fuel, energy and ability; but rich as these resources are they
will not meet the present food shortage unless every family and
every individual enthusiastically co-operates in the national saving
campaign as outlined by the United States Food Administration.
The regulations prescribed for this saving campaign are simple and
easy of application. Our government does not ask us to give up
three square meals a day—nor even one. All it asks is that we
substitute as far as possible corn and other cereals for wheat,
reduce a little our meat consumption and save sugar and fats by
careful utilization of these products.
There are few housekeepers who are not eager to help in this
saving campaign, and there are few indeed who do not feel the
need of conserving family resources. But just how is sometimes a
difficult task.
This book is planned to solve the housekeeper's problem. It shows
how to substitute cereals and other grains for wheat, how to cut
down the meat bill by the use of meat extension and meat
substitute dishes which supply equivalent nutrition at much less
cost; it shows the use of syrup and other products that save sugar,
and it explains
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