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Focus: The Key To Success
Focus is a scary word to most people. What can it do for us? How can it help
us? Can we program ourselves to focus? Focus, confidence and self-
discipline all work hand in hand with each other.
Learning to focus can help us in many ways. It can help us realise what we
really want in life, it can help us make good and informed decisions. It can
also help us to accept ourselves just the way we are, without feeling the need
to condemn ourselves or put ourselves down in any way, shape or form.
Focus can help us gain confidence, power and happiness. Focus can also
help us remain grounded and stay on track. Focus can change confusion into
absolute knowledge and self-criticism into love for oneself.
Always be aware that you Are able to focus on what you want, and to focus
your thoughts on anything at all. Try it now by thinking about the dishes, now
change your focus and think about your car. Switch focus again and think
about a dog. It really is that easy to focus on whatever you want to focus on.
We all need to learn to set aside time to be used on the one thing we want or
need to focus on. It’s not a matter of Ðtaking the time“ to focus, but more a
matter of Ðmaking the time“. If we are willing to make the time, we will focus a
lot better on whatever it is you want/need to do.
You ask me how I can possibly make time to focus with four demanding
children, 3 dogs and a new house?
Easy, I can stay up for an extra hour when all the kids are in bed and the
house is quiet, and MAKE the time to focus on what I’m doing with absolutely
no distractions at all.
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