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Discover The Ancient Secrets of Authentic Happiness!
You CAN Achieve Your Goals and Live a More Relaxed,
Enjoyable Lifestyle - Just By Changing Your Way of Thinking!
Inside each of us are the keys to achieving our innermost desires from professional goals to
personal objectives. Ancient Keys of Joy, from self-development author Tomislav Tomic,
reveals the remarkably powerful, age-old-yet simple-techniques for realizing your fullest
potential. And best of all, these incredible tools won't require more than 20 minutes a day
to help you re-frame your worldview, so that you can actually attain the reality you desire.
You'll learn:
- The groundbreaking science that outlines how your thinking and outlook affects your
physical reality-and how to harness this extraordinary power.
- Why you should reprogram your old, worn-out beliefs to help put you on the path you
truly desire and deserve.
- The top 3 mistakes most people make that prevent them from achieving their dreams and
how to avoid them.
- Why just 20 minutes of meditation a day can help you become aware of and unlock the
unlimited joy within.
- A complete, step-by-step guide to meditation, perfect for beginners.
- The secret for creating time for yourself and achieving a more relaxed state, every day.
- Much, much more!
Concise, approachable, and always easy to understand, Ancient Keys of Joy is the antidote
to our harried, stressful, and go-go modern lives.
Tomislav Tomic is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and author. A practitioner of yoga and
meditation since he was 18, Tomislav has spent countless hours researching these topics
and has been taught by respected experts. He is a graduate of the law school at the
University of Zagreb (Croatia), and lives with his wife and daughter on the island of Hvar,
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