Five Steps You Need to Take for Your Children's Safety to Put Your Mind at Ease HTML version

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them involved in the world and the Internet may answer many
questions they have.
6) They will develop essential IT and other job-related skills.
7) They can collaborate on school projects, make new friends
online as penpals, learn good netiquette rules and so much
So what are some of the risks to your children when they are online
and you are away at work or in the other room watching television or
cooking? If you have a Teenager in your household you may wish to
call 1800-843-5678 for a copy of “Teen Safety on the Information
Highway” or visit
The Risks to Your Children:
Some risks that your children may encounter are:
1) They have access to information to violent-oriented websites
such as how to construct bombs or websites dedicated to
hatred and intolerance. They can browse and by chance come
across pornographic sites or adult-oriented chat rooms where
pedophiles may be lurking.
2) Excessive use of the Internet can lead to social withdrawal,
declining grades, missing school classes, lethargy and
belligerence and opposition to you as a parent and other
3) They may give away too much information online in the chat
rooms or via instant messaging and disclose where they live,
what school they go to, what time you are at work and,
consequently, endangering their lives and other family
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