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Benefits of the Internet:
Thus, I will briefly summarize the benefits of Internet use by your
1) It allows them to find rich, cultural and educational information
readily. Sites like www.howstuffworks,,, are great sites for both up-to-date
news and educational content. Other subjects can include
sports, weather, shopping, health, information on local schools
and governments and what is happening around the world.
2) One of the greatest benefits your children will see is they can
now communicate with their friends in every possible way and
interact with them. Technologically, they will be able to “talk”
with their peers in every conceivable way whether it is via email,
instant messaging via their cell or computer or share pictures
and ideas from social network sites such as It
gives them a feeling of belonging and helps them form who
they are. Of course, there can be extremes to these cases and
you will, consequently, need to monitor their usage.
3) Your children will be able to keep not only in touch with their
friends online locally but they can communicate with relatives
half-way around the world. They can keep in touch with their
grandparents, cousins or friends from overseas and
simultaneously talk and view with them live. Things like this
were not possible even ten years ago.
4) Of course, children love to play their favorite computer game.
This doesn’t necessarily the extreme, violent games. The
benefit to your children could be the educational computer
games. Many games are interactive and have great learning
elements to them.
5) Access to up-to-date news and information, what is happening
in the world and what events that are going on locally are
important for your children’s development and learning. It gets
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