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I had no problem with God doing what He liked; so if I have a problem with God giving the same pay to people who've
done less work, my problem must be number two: are you envious because I'm generous? What, about the
generosity of God, threatens me?
I always find it amazing when I talk to groups of Christians who're convinced they're in; so I've got a group of people,
all of you would think you're in right - like when you die, you're going to heaven, correct? Everybody will think they're
in? Okay, good. So I agree. I'm with you. Amen right. But I'm always intrigued when I pre ach in front of a group of
people, who all think they're in, that if I make God nicer than they think, they're threatened by that.
If you already think you're in, and I make God nicer than you thought, does that not just further solidify you're in -ness?
Why would you be mad about that? There must be something in you, that doesn't like the thought that God's going to
treat other people just as nice as He's treating you, because something inside of you thinks you deserve it more.
Are you envious because God is generous? See there's two flip-sides to this; heaven is beautiful, and here's why.
Here's one of the things about heaven that's so beautiful:
Heaven delivers me from the notion that I have to outdo Mother Theresa to make it.
Right? Like heaven, the environment Jesus describes of heaven is: it frees me from the notion, that I have to outdo
Mother Therese to make it; but it also forces me to give grace to people who haven't done as much as me.
If you get your worth by looking left and right, you're going to always find that there's someone who's done more than
you, and that there's someone who's done less than you.
Jesus says: that's not heaven. In heaven, heaven is an environment where everybody realises they're not worthy,
and they get all their worth from the one in the centre.
I realised - this part of heaven is not established in my heart. I still was on a hierarchy, so are you envious because
God's generous?
Are You Worthy? (2 of 2)
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Grace, b y definition, isn't fair. Heaven consumes in flames any ideas of rank. To avoid the flames of heaven, we have
to die to the idea that God must be fair. If heaven invaded your life today, who would you have to accept, that you
now see as unacceptable? Jesus described heaven as tormenting to those who don't forgive. Jesus is at the centre,
and everybody's equidistant around Him, b ecause no one was worthy to b egin with. There's always someone that's
done less than me, b ut Heaven includes us all in a circle. Heaven is not created by the exclusion of im perfect people,
but b y the inclusion of imperfect people - by grace cleaning them up, purifying them with the flames of heaven. If
heaven invaded our life today, we would b e overwhelmed with how much it's not ab out us, and not care where we
ranked; we would simply be overwhelmed with God's presence. Why not let that part of heaven be estab lished in you
right now?
I want to give you stuff that is much deeper food-for-thought okay? On the way out today, if you'll stop by the table,
you can get this full discussion in my series: The Flames of Heaven. You can also - the follow up to this is in my
series called Winning at Life, where I talk about how to develop a sense of worth. Once again all that goes to our
main mission in the world, which is to take care of the poor, so just check all that stuff out.
Alright, so let's ask ourselves these questions: Are you envious because God is generous? If you have a problem
with God giving someone the same wage as you, even though you don't think they deserve it as much as you, then
there's two options: 1) you don't believe God can do what He wants to do; or 2) you have an envy problem. Who was
the famous fellow, he said that all atrocities in the world are birthed out of human envy? Or you have an envy