Five Seconds After You Die HTML version

you to think, and change, and challenge modes of thought. A declaration tells you what you already believe to be
true; and you ought to say: amen; so today I'm coming in the spirit of a sermon.
Some of what we're going to talk about today has insinuations for what happens after we die, and let me be clear:
anyone who tells you they know exactly what happens after you die, is full of crapolla okay? They don't know, they've
never done it, and so we're guessing; and really the insi nuations about what happens after you die are not important
at all.
If I read Jesus correctly, the main focus of Jesus was: why are you waiting for what happens after you die? Why not
allow heaven to be established in you right now? I want to talk to you a bout heaven in that notion okay? I'm going to
just ask a few questions about it.
Was Jesus' main message: how to go to heaven? [No.] Would everybody agree with that? Then why is our main
message that? It's a sermon, not a declaration, I'm just asking. Why is the number one question I get, when I travel
the world: who's going to heaven, and who's going to hell? As if that's in my pay-grade, or yours; or was anywhere
even close to Jesus' primary focus? Jesus is preaching to thousands of people, in what's call ed the Sermon on the
Mount. He doesn't even give an altar call - hmm.
At the beginning of the Bible, what is God doing? He's making a new creation (where?) on the Earth. So in the
beginning God, is making a new creation on the earth, and everything is subm itted to that. At the end of the Bible,
what is God doing? Revelation 21:5 - behold the lamb shouts from the throne, I make all things brand new, and
there's a new city.
Heaven is coming down from God, out of heaven and invading earth. So at the end of the Bible, who's going to
heaven? No one. Whatever is in heaven is coming down. This is not a denial of heaven. Heaven is a wonderful truth -
because if heaven's not true then death wins, and that would be terrible.
But the goal isn't to get to heaven; the goal is: whatever is in heaven is coming down. So when Jesus framed
thoughts on heaven, His thoughts on heaven were: hey, what I'm describing to you is coming to earth at some point,
and that is a blessed hope; and My invitation is that you establish that in your heart now, so that if it happened
tomorrow you'd be ready.
There was this urgency in Jesus' teaching. He told stories about virgins not being ready, and there was this urgency;
and the point of the virgins not being ready is not: well some are in, or some are out. No, there are certain people who
take establishing the kingdom seriously and urgently, and then there are other people who always say: oh, I'll get to it
later, and they never do. Then they find themselves 'on the outs' in the kingdom, and i t's not because they weren't in -
it's just because they weren't ready.
So at the beginning of the Bible, God's talking about making a new creation on the earth. At the end of the Bible,
God's talking about making a new creation on the earth; and everythin g in the middle of the Bible is about... God
making a bunch of new creations on the earth, to prepare the earth for the new creation coming to the earth. Yet
somehow our message became: how do you go somewhere else? How did that happen!
The point of Christianity was never: hey, let's get a bunch of people to be like us, so one day they'll go to heaven. The
point of Christianity was to establish the kingdom of heaven in every place we see hell right now; that God wanted to
multiply Himself through a body, to establish a kingdom on this earth, to prepare the earth for the kingdom coming to
the earth.
The best question may not be: will you go to heaven when you die. The best question might be: if heaven invaded
your life tomorrow, what parts of you would survive, and what parts of you would be burned up?
I started getting fascinated by this from one question. An older friend of mine, he's a pastor, and he asked me if I
reckoned I would enjoy heaven. I said well of course I'm going to enjoy heaven, you can't stuf f heaven up right? He
said: I'm not so sure for myself. He said: the Holy Spirit's challenged me to do something that's changed my life
forever. He said: I'd like to challenge you to do it. I said: sure. He said: go back and re -read everything Jesus said
about heaven, and ask yourself if you would enjoy it - and be honest. Be honest! Read Jesus' descriptions of heaven,
and then ask yourself if you would enjoy it. For instance, Jesus said: in heaven all the secret conversations of your
heart will be revealed for all to see. Are you ready for that?