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hoo] Then the host has to do a good TV show. The host says: can you tell me what's going on in your heart right
now? They all say the same thing: I can't believe this happened to me.
It happened to you - what are you talking about? Your blood type is chicken gravy, what do you mean? I mean like,
are you serious? Look, nothing bothers me about how much people weigh, as long as you're happy with yourself. I
think that's great, but don't have a blood type of chicken gravy, and then be surprised. This didn't happen to you!
Like one contestant I saw was 5' 1" and 180 kilos, and you're going: where's your alarm button there? Like what were
you thinking at 140? I had a guy come see me once, and he said: this is a disaster, I'm in an emergency. I said: what
happened? He said: I'm $60,000 in debt. I was like: today?! What did you buy?
The truth is, he had been accumulating debt all along, but $60,000 was his button. Where's your panic button
financially? Everybody has an internal-angst point. Everybody has an imaginary number, and you know it, yours is
different than mine. Everybody has a number, that if your bank account gets below that number, it feels like zero to
you. What is that for you, and does it need to be adjusted?
I met a guy whose panic button wasn't until negative $60,000. I couldn't live with that guy. The guy's a maniac! That's
crazy stuff to me. My zero point's way, way higher than that. What do you need to change? What obviously needs to
change, and what are you waiting on? Are you waiting to need to lose another two kilos before you start? I mean
what are you doing? What are you doing?
Let's say it this way. Are you willing to be a do-er, or are you okay just being a hear-er? Are you willing to be a doer;
or are you okay just being a hearer?
My last question to you is this: rock or sand? Do you want to land on your feet, or do you prefer landing on your face?
Rock or sand - the choice is yours.
I urge you to be guys who overcome; but you cannot overcome unless you live with full intention to overcome. This
thing will never happen accidentally, ever. I urge you to be men of the kingdom, who seek God, and seek His
purposes with full intention, full focus, full dream, live with full clear desires. I urge you to be people like that. Lord
bless us and help us, give us the bravery to see things differently, and the irresistible urge to respond to what we see.
Ma y be we be doers and not just hearers. May we respond today. Amen.
Are You Worthy? (1 of 2)
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There are four verses in the Bible that say homosexuality is wrong. There are 2000 verses in the Bible that tell us to
love each other, so mayb e we've got our emphasis wrong? Who is worthy to b reak the seals, and open the scrolls?
But no one in heaven - so there are people already in heaven, who aren't worthy - no one in heaven, or earth, or
under the earth, could open the scroll, or even look inside of it. Jesus' invitation was not to b e a certain way, in order
to go somewhere. Jesus' invitation was to allow what is somewhere else to be established in you right now. The
"Flames of Heaven" is God's relentless pursuit, to make you the best you can b e in His kingdom, without taking your
free will away. Hell will let you stay greedy, heaven won't; Hell will let you stay racist, heaven won't - lots of fire in
heaven. Jesus' message for His followers is this: get in line with God's kingdom today, as fast as you can, urgently. I
urge you to do this. The whole world's at stake. Come on people, come on - we need to establish the kingdom of God
on this earth! A disciple is someone actively participating with God, to estab lish His kingdom on the earth
Everybody here is mature enough to hear something they mig ht not have thought of before, right? Oh good, so we're
all open, and flexible and non-argumentative.
It's important, for a learning environment, that all of us are springs and not bricks; because if you come into a learning
environment as a brick, you're going to leave the same, and that would be tragic.
It's very important too, to understand the difference between a sermon and a declaration. A sermon asks a question,
and should get you to be introspective. It's not meant to be agreed with, or disagreed wi th. A sermon is meant to get