Five Seconds After You Die HTML version

if you own a car, you're in the richest eight per cent of the whole world? That means 92% of people in the world would
love to have what you have.
What about your house: have you e ver been perfectly content with your nine -foot ceilings, until you visit the home of
someone who has a 12-foot ceiling? You're like: wow, this is amazing! Then you back to your house, and you're like
ducking, because you're all cramped.
When you're living on purpose, it doesn't matter what other people have, because you're pursuing what God has for
you. There's nothing more impris oning that comparison. I'm telling you, if you don't beat this, you'll never be an over -
comer. If you don't beat your tendency to judge yourself by looking left and right; if you don't get your worth from
pursuing what God has for you; if you don't beat that sense to get stuck in 'er' - the problem with 'er' is that there's
always an 'est'.
If you make a million dollars this year, are you richer? Yup. Are you richest? Nope. You know that there's a guy in the
world worth $68 billion - and he still goes to work every da y trying to make $69 billion. It's amazing. Do you know the
difference between $68 billion, and $69 billion is? It's more money than all of us will ever see in our whole life, and
this guy's trying to make one more - it's 'er'. It's in prison. It's not living at all. It's not living at all.
How about this: no one forgives; gives and feeds the poor; or serves others; on accident. You have to li ve with full
intention, so let me close this out with questions, because I want you to take what I'm sa ying, and I want you to be
able think through it in your small groups, and apply this; because if you hear it and don't do it, it just makes your life
How about this: if you live accidentally, it will lead to destruction; so here's my questions for you. What do you desire?
Can you clearly define what you want? Can you clearly define what you want; and if you can't, I would urge you, over
the next seven days, to spend some time alone in a room with the Holy Spirit, and ask God: God can you reveal to
me what I even want out of life? Do you know what you want?
Let me say it another way, I'll ask it this way. How would you know, if you got what you were looking for? If you got
what you were looking, for how would you know? What does that look like?
Let's say it this way: starting on a daily level, what are you willing to purpose in your heart to do today? What's your
plan today, what's your goal? Are you going to go home and watch TV or something - what's your goal? Is your goal
today, to get the yard taken care of? Is your goal today, to grow in relationship with your family? Is your goal today -
and there's no bad goal.
If your goal's to watch TV go in - I make that goal sometimes. Some days I put aside and I just watch movies all day,
because my brain needs a reset button. All I do is study and write. I love to lose myself in a movie, nothing wrong with
that - but at least I'll know if I attain it.
What's your goal today? Starting on a daily level, what are you going to accomplish today? If you didn' t wake up this
morning with full intention of doing something, the day will end, and you won't even know what you did! What do you
intend to do today?
How about this: is there anything in your life that's not leading you to wholeness? Is there anything yo u're
rationalising, that's actually slowly but surely leading your life to disrepair? Is there anything you're rationalising?
Next one: is your life working? Why not? What obviously needs to change for you to have life, light, and increase -
and why not m ake that change now? What are you going to do, just wait another year? If you need to lose weight, I
could tell you this: it's much easier to lose five kilos, than to wait until you need to lose 50. Why not go and lose the
five? What are you waiting on?
Everybody has their alarm bell day, you know, with weight. It's like they step on the scale and go: okay that's it, I'm
losing weight now. What is that for you? You watch the biggest loser, and here's what I can't believe about the
biggest loser. You have people who are on a show dedicated to obese people losing weight, and then they're all
surprised they're obese? Like, I don't care what you weigh, as long as you're happy with yourself, it doesn't matter to
me. Weigh whatever you'd like, as long as you're happy with yourself - but don't go on a show dedicated to obese
people losing weight, and then be surprised you're obese.
They all stand in their underwear on a scale, and it goes beep -beep-beep-beep-beep and then it comes up however
many kilos they weigh, and they all respond the same. It's amazing to me, 24 out 24 they all respond the same. [Boo