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certain way, in order to go somewhere. Jesus' invitation was to allow what is somewhere else to be established in you
right now. The "Flames of Heaven" is God's relentless pursuit, to make you the best you can be in His kingdom,
without taking your free will away. Hell will let you stay greedy, heaven won't; Hell will let you stay racist, heaven
won't - lots of fire in heaven. Jesus' message for His followers is this: get in line with God's kingdom today, as fast as
you can, urgently. I urge you to do this. The whole world's at stake. Come on people, come on - we need to establish
the kingdom of God on this earth! A disciple is someone actively partici pating with God, to establish His kingdom on
the earth
Are You Worthy (2 of 2) Grace, b y definition, isn't fair. Heaven consumes in flames any ideas of rank. To avoid the
flames of heaven, we have to die to the idea that God must be fair. If heaven invaded your life today, who would you
have to accept, that you now see as unacceptable? Jesus described heaven as tormenting to those who don't
forgive. Jesus is at the centre, and everybody's equidistant around Him, because no one was wo rthy to begin with.
There's always someone that's done less than me, but Heave n includes us all in a circle. Heaven is not created by
the exclusion of imperfect people, but by the inclusion of imperfect people - by grace cleaning them up, purifying them
with the flames of heaven. If heaven invaded our life today, we would be overwhelmed with how much it's not about
us, and not care where we ranked; we would simply be overwhelmed with God's presence. Why not let that part of
heaven be established in you right now?
Be the Salt and Light There are 6 mentions of fire in hell, but 229 mentions of fire in heaven! If you walked into
heaven tomorrow, what parts of you would be burned up? 15 of 18 of Jesus mentions of hell, was about us, here ,
now. It's about: what are you bringing to the earth? How's your lust problem? How's your anger problem? Do you call
people fools? How is fear of man instead of fear of God? What are you bringing to the earth?
Resurrection of the Dead (6 of 7) Jesus was the first-fruits, the first-born to be resurrected from the dead, and
appear to many in a resurrection body - immortal, incorruptible, able to vanish in and out, no longer constrained by
the physical world. He was a pattern for all that is to follow. This teaching covers the first resurrection, 1000 year
reign of Christ on earth, and the second resurrection. Which one will you be in?
Eternal Judgment (7 of 7) Sometimes we focus a lot on the grace of God, the goodness of God, the mercy of God
we forget or overlook that there is another side, that God is also holy and He's just. His justice requires that He deal
with how we've governed our life and what we've done in our life. All of you have an appointment to keep with this.
There is no exception. Matt 16:27 I come and my reward is with me, to give to every man according to his work.
Five Seconds After You Die (Mike Connell)
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We read in the paper of accidents, car accidents, motor vehicle accidents, young people dying and ther e are
questions, many questions people have in their hearts about the reality of what happens after death and what
happens to a person when they die, what happens in the first five seconds after you die. These are questions people