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We thank you tonight, Jesus Christ, that you came into this earth. We thank you that you left heaven , and came into
this earth; we thank you Lord, that you demonstrated the kingdom, demonstrated the love of the Father,
demonstrated for us the realities of the kingdom, taught on the realities of the kingdom; and then boldly gave up Your
life, knowing that You would never stay in that place of death, but knowing that You would rise again from the dead.
Oh my God, fill us also with such confidence, with such absolute confidence in the gospel, that we're willing to pour
out our lives to see lost people saved. Lord, we give You the honour and we give You the glory, in Jesus' mighty
Now Lord, just as we finish this service tonight write in the hearts of every person here pictures, faces, names of
people you want us to pray for, and show kindness to, and reach out to, build bridges to, and share the gospel with.
Lord, let the Holy Ghost come on us, to do this work in Jesus' mighty name.
Live with Purpose (Shane Willard)
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Ghenna was the town rubbish dump (a present reality); a nd Hades is an afterlife (a future reality); b ut in English we
only have one word, Hell. When we think of Hell, we tend to think about: them (in the future); b ut in the vast majority
of Jesus' teachings: Hell was us (here, now). Heaven/Hell are b oth true, and occupied, in the here/now; they are also
true of another place in the future, which is also occupied. Jesus' emphasis was far, far, far more on one, instead of
the other. When you take care of the poor and the afflicted, that is what it means to know God. Your intentions are
just the starting point. Pure motives, and consistent ob edience, mixed with focussed intentions, will lead you to a life
that cannot be shaken. What are you rationalising today, that you'll regret tomorrow? One yes requires a thousa nd
NO's. You can never beat sin b y fighting sin; you b eat sin b y empowering something else; and the power you give
something else, actually overcomes the sin. Have you ever lost your ability to enjoy what God's given you, because
you've compared it to someb ody else? Can you clearly define what you want?
If you want to know the things Jesus said would 'ruin your life', all you've got to do is do a simple study on Hell.
Because there's only one English word Hell, we tend to get confused that, when Jesus talk ed about hell, He was
talking about two realities: one was called Gehenna, which is essentially hell now; and one was called Hades, which
is essentially hell then (post-death).
Both are true, and ones not necessarily more important than the other, but Jesus' emphasis was far, far, far more on
one, instead of the other. But when we tend to think about Hell, we tend to think about them/then; but the vast
majority of Jesus' teachings on hell were us/now.
Heaven is true that way too. Heaven is true here, and it's occupied; heaven is true there, and it's occupied. Hell is
true here, and it's occupied; hell is true there, and it's occupied.
The word for hell here was Gehenna, and essentially Gehenna was the town rubbish dump. It was a place where
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years before Jesus, they used to burn children to the god Molech there, and
so the land was essentially useless, so they used it as a town rubbish dump, because you couldn't use it for anything
The problem they found with that, when the wind shifted from that direction, the smell of that place went into the city,
so they had to come up with a solution. Their solution was a sulphuric mixture of fire.
It's the same principle as a match; if you have a bowel motion, and it's particularly horrible, you can simply strike a
match, let it light up for a second, and then you put the match out, let the smoke go through the room, and it will
actually deodorise. If you didn't know that try it okay, I might have just saved your marriage.
So they kept this fire going all the time there. It was also a burial ground for poor people, so if you couldn't afford a
tomb, they would throw your body on Gehenna. It was also where all the stray animals would scavenge for food and
stuff. So in the Firs t Century, if you went to Gehenna, you would smell sort of the fire and brimstone sort of mixture.