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Five Seconds After You Die
Mike Connell,
Shane Willard
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Five Seconds After You Die (7 sermons)
Five Seconds After You Die We read in the paper of accidents, car accidents and young people dying, and there
are questions, many questions people have in their hearts, about the reality of what happens after death, and what
happens to a person when they die, what will happen in those first five seconds after you die. These are questions
people often don't speak out but they wonder about them. There's a tremendous amount of nonsense in the movies
to try and explain some of these things. If we want to find out about what happens in eternity, if we want to find out
about life after death or what happens at death, the best place we can go is to the one who made it known.
Live with Purpose (Men's Break fast) Ghenna was the town rubbish dump (a present reality), and Hades is an
afterlife (a future reality), in English its Hell. When we think of Hell, we tend to think about: them (in the future); but i n
the vast majority of Jesus' teachings, Hell was: us (in the present). Heaven & Hell are both true, and both occupied, in
the here/now. They are also both true of another place in the future, which is also occupied, by real people. Jesus'
emphasis was far, far, far more on one, instead of the other. When you take care of the poor and the afflicted, that is
what it means to know God. Your intentions are just the starting point. Pure motives, and consistent obedience,
mixed with focussed intentions, will lead you to a life that cannot be shaken. What a re you rationalising today, that
you'll regret tomorrow? One yes requires a thousand NO's. You can never beat sin by fighting sin. Instead you beat
sin by empowering something else. The power that you give something else overcomes the sin. Have you ever lo st
your ability to enjoy what God's given you, because you've compared it to somebody else? Can you clearly define
what you want?
Are You Worthy (1 of 2) There are four verses in the Bible that say homosexuality's wrong. There are 2 000 verses
in the Bible that tell us to love each other, so maybe we've got our emphasis wrong? Who is worthy to break the
seals, and open the scrolls? But no one in heaven - so there's people already in heaven, who aren't worthy - no one
in heaven, or earth, or under the earth, could open the scroll, or even look inside of it. Jesus' invitation was not to be a