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Written By: COBC for the FishLore Magazine
How we moved our fish cross country. In July, we were living in St. Augustine, Florida and I was
offered a job in Denver, Colorado. After accepting the job, we came up with a plan for moving
our fish such a far distance. Our plan was to get the Kordon Breathable Bags and double bag our
fish in clean treated water with both Meth. Blue and Fish Protector added to the water. Then
we'd pack the fish in a tropical fish shipping box and mail it overnight the afternoon of the day
before the move. I booked a 6am flight to Denver that would have me there before the fish so
that I could pick them up at the Post Office when they arrived. All the supplies were arranged
for in Denver so that they could immediately be put into temp. Tanks until their tanks arrived
with the moving van. All that to minimize their traveling time and stress. We even checked the
USPS website for the rates to ship live fish. Well, we go to the local post office after loading the
moving van and getting the fish ready in their box and they tell us that the USPS refuses to ship
live animals! Silly us, thinking the post office was there to mail things - what were we thinking!?
So that left us with a box of bagged fish with no plan and about 10 hours before I had to head
out to catch the flight that it was too late to cancel.. and that's how we ended up with an
experience on moving fish long distance by car.
Last minute improvising:
We went to Walmart and bought 6 small containers (for the Betta Splendens) and 4 large
containers (for the Betta Mahachai and Platys) to put the fish in during nights, along with a soft
cooler box to keep the fish in during days. At home we had 3 strong air pump, each hooked to a
4-way gang valve to pump air into the 10 air stones.
Our Plan (Night Portion):
1. Set the containers out and fill them each half-way with treated tap water.
2. Place the air stones into the containers, held in place by suction cups.
3. Take the fish, 1 bag at a time, out of the soft cooler box. Unwrap the rubber band
keeping the double-bag closed and float the bag in the container. Freshwater Aquarium e-Book