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Aquarium fish food is one of the most important topics to know about when keeping fish and a
proper diet is essential. If you want to get the most out of your aquarium fish it is important to
give them a variety of fish food. While you can give them just flake food, you should try to vary
their diet with some of the different types of tropical fish food described below. Two or three
small feedings a day is better than one feeding per day. Only put in as much fish food that the
fish will consume within 2 minutes. Overfeeding your fish will lead to poor water quality and
stressed fish.
Freeze-dried fish foods are a safe alternative to live fish food due to the treatment of these
foods before the freeze drying process. Be extremely careful when using live foods (especially
feeder goldfish) due to the diseases that they may carry.
Automatic Fish Food Feeder
These are good to use because they will dispense the same amount of food at
specified intervals, usually every 12 hours. They can also be utilized while you are away on
Flake Fish Food
Flakes are easy to use and your fish will like it. Flakes usually float on the surface while the fish
eat. If you have bottom dwelling fish like Cory Cats, you will want to use something like algae
wafers or pellets that sink to the bottom. You can use flakes as the primary food source because
it contains most of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your fish need. They are also
easy on your fish's digestive system. Start off by using just a pinch or two. If your fish gobble it
up in less than 2 minutes, try another tiny pinch. Avoid overfeeding because this can lead to
poor, cloudy water.
Also keep in mind that flake food does get bad if you've had it for a long time. Just imagine
eating from a 6 month old box of cereal. So, it's probably best to go for the smaller flake food
containers instead of the jumbo containers that will last for 5 years. Freshwater Aquarium e-Book