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The aquarium light or fish tank lighting is another important aspect when keeping an aquarium.
The aquarium light is an often overlooked area that can sometimes be confusing for a beginner
to aquariums. The confusion may come from the many available types of fish tank lighting that
you can use to light your aquarium. The main types of aquarium light are:
? regular fluorescent lights,
? compact Fluorescent,
? high output (ho) or T5-HO Fluorescent,
? very high output (vho) Fluorescent
? metal halide
? LED - Light Emitting Diodes
The type of light you need for your fish tank really depends on what you plan on keeping in your
aquarium. This article is a very general introduction into aquarium lighting and below we
discuss the various types of lighting needs based on aquarium type. These are very general
recommendations and we encourage you to research your livestock's lighting requirements for
best results.
Spectrum of visible light expressed in nanometers (nm).
Aquarium Light Types
Regular Fluorescent Light
These are the type of lights that come with most starter tanks and are very affordable. They
typically range from 15 to 40 watts and have Kelvin ratings from 3,000° to 10,000°. Kelvin is the
scale used to measure the color temperature. They are very cheap to run and replace. These
are the often the stock lights that come with aquarium kits. Freshwater Aquarium e-Book