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Aquarium Algae Control - So you have had your aquarium set up for some time now and you
notice aquarium algae growing on the glass, rocks and ornaments in the tank. Why is this
happening and what are some of the methods we can use to control aquarium algae growth in
the aquarium?
First, aquarium algae is not necessarily a bad thing. Algae grows very easily when given the right
conditions and some day we all may be singing the praises of algae. There is research going on
even as you read this article for using algae as an alternative energy source. Cool stuff indeed.
But an abundance of algae growth in the aquarium usually means that something is out of
whack. Overstocking, not performing enough partial water changes, overfeeding or feeding
improperly, not changing out filter cartridges and not using pure water are usually the prime
Once aquarium algae starts to overgrow plants, corals and decorations it does make the tank
look dirty and can distract from the beauty of your aquarium. Let's talk about the things
aquarium algae needs to grow and how to eliminate or reduce these things so we are not
constantly scrubbing the tank walls and having to clean the tank instead of viewing our fish,
plants and inverts! You can use the info in this algae control article for both freshwater
Get a Phosphate Test Kit. This might be considered one of the most important nutrients for
many kinds of aquarium algae growth. Phosphate (PO4) can enter the aquarium from tap
water, fish food and supplements. One of the first things you should look at is how much you
are feeding the tank. Are you overfeeding? Only give your fish as much food as they will eat in a
minute or two. Are you defrosting and draining the juice from the frozen foods you use? These
juices could be loaded with phosphates. Are you using food that are low in phosphates? Test
them to see for yourself. At minimum, use a bowl to feed frozen foods and tilt the bowl at an
angle so the juices drain to the low side and then spoon feed the chunks to the fish. Dispose of
the frozen fish food juices down the drain. Freshwater Aquarium e-Book