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Time for vacation! You've been working hard all year long and it's finally time for that well
deserved vacation. Ah, just to think about it gives me the vacation fever. The time is drawing
near and you suddenly realize - what the heck am I going to do about the aquarium and fish
care? Who's going to feed the fish? What do I need to do to get my fish tank ready before I
leave on my trip? There are several things to keep in mind and we'll try to help you get things in
order before you leave so you can have a stress free and relaxing vacation not worrying about
your fish and your aquarium!
What about feeding the fish?
Fish can go for several weeks without food. Some believe they can go for 3 or more weeks even.
Yes, this is true believe it or not and your fish will be fine while you're away. Your tank may even
look cleaner when you get home from vacation since there should be less wastes in the water
from the lack of fish food entering the aquarium and less wastes being produced from fish
eating that fish food.
If you just can't stand the thought of your fish not eating for the amount of time you'll be gone,
invest in an automatic fish feeder. These fish food dispensers are relatively inexpensive and
they can actually be put into full time use, even when you are at home. You can fill them with a
mix of tropical fish flakes (or other flake or pellet foods, depending on the fish you keep) and it
should be several weeks before you need to refill the food container. Most are fully adjustable
(you can release as little or as much food as allowed), operate on batteries and will easily attach
to the top of the tank.
Another option is to use one of those plastic pill boxes that are composed of small boxes
corresponding to the day of the week. You put in the amount of food that day's container that
you'd like for your friend, family member or neighbor to give to your fish and then you don't
have to worry about them overfeeding and polluting the aquarium water.
Try to do a partial water change right before you leave for vacation. This accomplishes a couple
of things. The fish will get some good clean water, which should lower their stress levels and
should help keep them healthy in your absence. This also gets the water level topped off so you
may not have to worry about a low water level in the tank, but it depends on the rate of
evaporation of course.
Rinse out the aquarium filter media, or replace half of it. A clogged filter shouldn't pose a
problem since many filters (especially power filters) have an alternate path for the water to
return to the tank should the filter become clogged. Freshwater Aquarium e-Book