Fish Stocks Limited HTML version

“You jammy codger,” came the reply. “Monkfish Associates just doubled. Maybe
your luck's on the turn, kid.”
Ambrosius' expression didn't change, but in his brain lots of lovely chemicals
seeped into all the right places. This was a rush better than any stupid fisherman could
ever hope for. He made another punt on Hake & Hake PLC and came off on top
again. From then on he couldn't lose. His abacus lay broken on the floor as he used his
instinct to drive his deals. Hit after hit, he got his fix. He hardly noticed when the
minute hand hit the vertical again.
“Wow, you sure pulled it back there,” said Jacob, stepping in and taking
Ambroisus' pen off him. “You pulled it back from minus ninety grand to plus fifty.
You still lost big time, though.”
“Give me another hour,” said Ambrosius, his face set like a mask. “I'll make it all
“No dice, kid. You had your chance.”
“I'll personally give you ten grand if you give me one more hour.” It wasn't the
loss of money that bothered Ambrosius. He just wanted another fix.
Jacob grunted. “Twenty and you got yourself a deal.”
Ambrosius nodded.
“One more hour,” said Jacob.
What can happen in an hour? Let us look at some examples.
A mistfly lives and dies.
A hooktree grows six point eight millimetres.
A fish is hooked and caught.
A hooktree is cut down.
A liver-spotted old man gets drunk.
A young woman called Sunbeam lies with her husband.
A hookflower looses a petal.
A young woman thinks of a man who is not her husband.
A cloud boils to nothing under the Smug.
A young woman thinks about how things could have been.
A shrieker bird puts the finishing touches to her nest.
A young woman's forehead wrinkles; her husband finds it charming.
A countless billion hydrogen atoms fuse in the Smug.
A young woman's husband asks “Why so full of care?”
A hookbeetle fights for its mate and loses.
“A passing thought, no more.”
A clock completes a revolution.
“A thought you want to share?”
A painwasp burrows into a hookfruit.
“A confusing memory, private to me.”
A hill falls in a landslide.
A man in a City is held for a second by a woman's face in his mind.
A piece of paper travels through a tube.
A man makes £50,000.
Another piece of paper shoots along.
A man makes £20,000.
Another piece of paper...