Fish Stocks Limited HTML version

“Oh, look at her little face! She loves that toy horse. It's important she has a treat
now and again. I'll just have to miss out my night out next week, then I'll have
“Yes. These people deserve a bit of brightness in our lives. We're selling a
“We've been eating like kings! They're looking so much healthier for it too. Next
week we'll go back to fishmeal.”
“Perhaps dreams should stay as dreams, if you don't mind me saying, sir.”
“Look at their new clothes, they'll be the talk of all their friends. Next week I'll
stop shopping like this.”
“Why should they? Twenty percent isn't much, after all. Why can't they pay it
back? They'd just have to give up a few luxuries.”
“Now they can get a proper education. It's an investment in their future, that's
what it is. Next week I'll give up smoking, then I'll have a bit extra to pay it back.”
“Well, sir, they have a saying in the slums...”
“Next week...”
Chapter 13 – Next Month
If you drink from the royal chalice there is always the chance that you will get
poisoned; this was starting to occur to some of the debtors, who still nodded to
Ambrosius in the street but did so with less enthusiasm. They had just made the first
payment, and it was clear that they were in trouble already.
“I can't sell the cart yet, everyone will laugh at me. Next month, maybe.”
“What are they whining at? They read the contract, didn't they?”
“The holiday was good, but it's just a memory now. Living with just a memory
and no food is going to be mighty hard. I can't tell them I can't afford it yet though, I'll
have to borrow off my friends to pay next month.”
“Perhaps they didn't want to think about the downside, sir. People are like that.”
“I feel stupid for buying her that rocking horse now. What's the point of having
toys if you can't afford any heating?”
“They are all adults, they should have thought about the future.”