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“That's up to you, sir. I see no reason not to start on our little venture straight
“One fine day,” she said, “I'll get her that toy horse she's always wanted. Then she
won't think her mummy doesn't love her.”
It was a short walk to their target, a poor area a few blocks away. Ambrosius was
nervous, but as the door opened his confidence surged back and expressed itself in his
“One fine day,” he said, “I'll put a proper spread on the table, not the same old
fishmeal day after day.”
“So if you''ll just sign there...”
“One fine day,” she said, “I'll get them clothes that haven't been passed down for
three generations and darned so many times there's not an original stitch on them.”
“What do you think it is that makes people suspend belief to such an extent?”
“One fine day,” he said, “I'll send them to a proper school, then they'll have a
chance in life.”
“Oh, well there's lots of things,” said Stan.
“One fine day,” she said.
Chapter 12 – Next Week
The lives of a select number of people seemed much brighter, burning like
diamonds in sewage, much brighter than tungsten, impossibly bright. They were
living dreams, breathing hopes, tasting heaven. For once they were free from the
constant humiliation of the daily grind, and could afford to smile. Ambrosius had
even met some of his clients by chance in the street and had been personally thanked.
He was considered a pillar of the community.
“I'm so happy, we're the envy of the whole street. The new cart goes beautifully,
like a dream. Next week I'll put something by to pay it back.”
“You know, Stan, I really think we are providing a valuable service.”
“I've actually got out of this dive for once, the family too! We'll remember that
holiday for the rest of out lives. O f course, next week I'll have to scrimp a bit to put
something aside for the repayment, but that goes without saying.”
“You really think so, sir?”