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Chapter 12 – Next Week

The lives of a select number of people seemed much brighter, burning like diamonds in sewage, much brighter than tungsten, impossibly bright. They were living dreams, breathing hopes, tasting heaven. For once they were free from the constant humiliation of the daily grind, and could afford to smile. Ambrosius had even met some of his clients by chance in the street and had been personally thanked. He was considered a pillar of the community.

“I'm so happy, we're the envy of the whole street. The new cart goes beautifully, like a dream. Next week I'll put something by to pay it back.”

“You know, Stan, I really think we are providing a valuable service.”

“I've actually got out of this dive for once, the family too! We'll remember that holiday for the rest of out lives. Of course, next week I'll have to scrimp a bit to put something aside for the repayment, but that goes without saying.”

“You really think so, sir?”

“Oh, look at her little face! She loves that toy horse. It's important she has a treat now and again. I'll just have to miss out my night out next week, then I'll have enough.”

“Yes. These people deserve a bit of brightness in our lives. We're selling a dream.”

“We've been eating like kings! They're looking so much healthier for it too. Next week we'll go back to fishmeal.”

“Perhaps dreams should stay as dreams, if you don't mind me saying, sir.”

“Look at their new clothes, they'll be the talk of all their friends. Next week I'll stop shopping like this.”

“Why should they? Twenty percent isn't much, after all. Why can't they pay it back? They'd just have to give up a few luxuries.”

“Now they can get a proper education. It's an investment in their future, that's what it is. Next week I'll give up smoking, then I'll have a bit extra to pay it back.”

“Well, sir, they have a saying in the slums...”

“Next week...”