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deferring to his attorney’s request for time so that he may get his affairs in order.
Here comes John Hurley, Wheeler’s lawyer now.
Mr. Hurley - what is your opinion of today’s sentencing?”
“I think Judge Gavin was extremely fair. Justice prevailed. The judge’s
sentence speaks for itself. That’s all I have to say. Thank you.”
Jack rocked back in his chair and clicked off the TV. His stomach churned
and he felt a sickness come over him.
“Six months and ten thousand dollars! Justice prevailed! Extremely fair!”
The words echoed over and over in his head and amplified upon each
The phone rang again.
“Some bullshit! Some bullshit! What do you think Dad?”
“Well, it’s the way things go. Justice in America isn’t based on black or white
as some people would have you think, it’s based on green!
I guess it has always been this way. Maybe someday it may change but I’m
not so sure unless someone makes it happen.“
“You’re right, Dad.
Have you thought about my idea of you moving in with us?
You know how I hate you living down there. I worry every day. I know the
neighborhood or should I just call it the ‘hood’. It’s really unsafe and I worry!”
“Listen Honey - we’ve been over this a million times. I’m not about to give up
my self-respect. I really appreciate your concern and your and Dave’s offer, but I
I know the area here is not the best but I’m okay. I just watch my step and it
works out fine. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”
“But Dad…”
“Now, let’s not talk about that any more.
How’s the kids?”
“They’re good. I’ll call you tomorrow.
Bye Dad. I love you.”
Jack put down the phone and reverted back to the memories and that vacant
stare to which he had become so accustomed.
“Hey, Jack did you hear the rumor that’s going around?” announced Mark as
he peered through the open office door.
“What’s it now, Mark?”
“Three thousand are biting the dust. By the end of the week!”
“Where did you hear that?”
“Ned, down in Human Resources, told me and he said he heard it from a
couple of pretty good sources.”
“Well, if that’s true the tide is certainly getting higher. Two thousand last
month and now another three! I wonder why?
According to the annual report we’re doing great. Revenues are up, profits
are up and our stock price is on the rise.”
“That’s all true but I did see where a couple of the suits were selling pretty
good amounts of stock.”
“Yeah, I saw that too, but I also heard that both of Wheeler’s daughters are