Fish Farm HTML version

Fish Farm
By: W. Sautter
Smashwords Edition
Copyright Sautter 2010
Jack looked out the third floor window of his shabby walkup onto a cold, gray
day. His thoughts mirrored his vision.
“How did it happen?” he thought to himself rhetorically. He knew but it was
hard to accept without rage building within him.
He chased the thought away and continued to stare.
The relief was brief.
Again, it flooded his memory.
He thought back to that Wednesday morning. Dressed in his robe with coffee
in hand, he had opened the door of his condo and reached for the paper. The
two-inch type of the front page burned its message into his brain.
“TYRON COLLAPSES” - it read like a death notice. It was.
He turned and walked slowly back into his house with the paper in hand.
He’d heard rumors but there were always rumors - rumors of triumph and
rumors of catastrophe - ever since he began working for Tyron. None of which
ever came true, until now!
He sank back into the easy chair and began to read.
“Yesterday, at the close of trading Tyron, one of the largest corporations on
the NYSE, declared bankruptcy. Investigations into the collapse have begun.
Fraud by executives at Tyron is high on the list of causative factors leading to
Tyron’s downfall. Tyron’s CEO, James Wheeler is suspected of funneling millions
of dollars to his own accounts while altering records of company finances…”
It had to be at least two years now.
He mused to himself in amazement that he remembered word for word, after
all this time, the text of that article.
With the flashback over, he reentered the present and continued his vacant
Suddenly, the ring of the telephone startled him from his trance.
“Dad! Did you see the TV today?”
“No.”, he replied.
“Turn it on. They have the results of the trial.”
“O.K.” He hung up the phone and snapped on the TV.
“This latest news bulletin - James Wheeler, Hal Meter and several other high-
ranking executives who have been found guilty in the collapse of Tyron have
been sentenced today.
Mr. Wheeler who has been free on bail over the past two years has been
sentenced to a ten thousand dollar fine and six months in jail. The others of those
convicted received fines up to five thousand dollars and community service.
Judge Arthur Gavin instructed Mr. Wheeler to report to jail in two weeks