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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

that Bacardi worked on women, but she never did Gino’s special parties, nor did she ever work with
Bacardi. China, Anthony, Roxie Gino and Bacardi were a strange, twisted family. Bacardi had spent two
years “working” with this particular cast of sex characters who made up her everyday life. Before they
came along and helped, Gino’s little sex games lacked a business structure. Whatever he had done
before Plummet Street, he had done solely for pleasure.
E very one at the house had their designated roles and Gino didn’t like anyone deviating or stepping out of
line. For the time being, Roxie was his enforcer; she liked playing the super aggressive role that the
parties sometimes called for. Roxie was not allowed to enforce anything other than what Gino told h er to
handle; she had to follow Gino’s rules and method of operation. Sometimes the role went to her head,
probably because Roxie hated taking orders; she preferred being the one giving them. Something else
that Roxie hated was the fact that Bacardi and China barely took her serious. She would try to step out of
line with them and with the house rules in general. But Gino could get Roxie back in line with a simple
look or expression. As for Anthony, he had few dealings with Roxie, or anyone else in the hous e except
China. Anthony had a good head for business, but unlike Gino, he had a more of a corporat e mentality
than street hustler. Regardless of their roles, when it came to the house, it was clear to everyone
involved; Gino called the shots, and they could take it or leave it.
E ven though they all resided somewhere else, they spent a lot of time at 6999. Whenever they were at
the house, typically it was sex-related. Gino had actually invested time, money and energy into finding the
right spot and setting up the lucrative sex schemes. He had searched for months for just the right house
to work out of. He knew right away when he had found it. The layout of the house allowed him to set
things up just the way he needed to. He had a two-way mirror installed in two different rooms and created
a private viewing area in order to monitor the women when they worked. The hidden cameras that
monitored the bedrooms were also used to rec ord his special parties. Those were reserved for Gino and
Bacardi and Roxie on occasion; and of course the women that they were targeting. The after party
viewings later on were exclusively reserved for Gino and Bacardi.
China and Roxie used the big and spacious house for other money making sex activities also. Gino
wouldn’t allow Bacardi to do any other work besides their blackmail schemes. Naw baby, you already got
a job. Your job is to look gorgeous, please your man, and do what I tell you. My job is to tak e care of you
and give you and that fat pussy all the dick you need. When Gino wasn’t watching Bacardi and keeping
her in his scope, he spent time working with his personal fitness clients. Not only did these women pay
him well and lavish him wit h gifts, but he sometimes flew out of town to handle business for one of them.
Bacardi hated the times when Gino flew to Philadelphia on business, usually once a month. He would be
gone a whole week. During his absence all work at the house on Plummet Street stopped, except for
China’s massage sessions. Bacardi was usually stuck across town; at home and horny the whole time!
Bacardi’s Life
Bacardi could only imagine what Gino was doing, flying out of state every month, client or no client. She
knew it wasn’t drug related. Not only did he prevent Bacardi from doing a little ecstasy, he barely allowed
her to smoke weed. The only thing Gino did was drink. He made it clear that he didn’t care for drugs
users or drug dealers. Bacardi suspected that whatever he was doing, knowing Gino, it involved pussy.
She accepted the fact that Gino was fucking ot her woman; he really did very little to hide it, or the gifts
they showered him with. He didn’t rub her nose in it; he just didn’t feel the need to lie. But Bacardi
accepted everything becaus e SHE was the one that was special to him. So many women wante d Gino.
Yeah - they all on my baby’s jock. I know they want him, but I’m his special party princess. He wants me!
Bacardi told hers elf if must really be true because Gino made a point to reassure her; he would get
irritated if she seemed to doubt him. Don’t s weat it baby. Stop worrying about those cunts, this dick is
yours. As long as I bring it home to you, you need to k nock it off dammit! Just be what I need you to be –
can you do that or not?