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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

tomorrow. She would have had Bacardi where she wanted her, plus the shopping spree as
Bacardi’s bribe to really sweeten the deal. Now, she had to worry all night about the damn tape,
plus Bacardi was super pissed at her. “Dammit! Where in the fuck is Anthony?” she yelled
China didn’t normally care where Anthony was or what time he came in; usually, she was
subject to be out somewhere herself. Regardless of what he did or didn’t do, she knew that
Anthony understood her rules; he had better not ever bring his ass home smelling like pussy.
Other than that, China was cool, even though she didn’t allow Anthony to set the same kind of
boundaries, or any boundaries for that matter. She wasn’t overbearing, but she was demanding.
In all her relationships, she was the one calling the shots. But Anthony didn’t have to worry
about China with other men. China’s gratification came from doing what the fuck she wanted to
do, when she wanted to do it and that rarely, if ever, included doing other men.
In many ways, China was a lot like Roxie, except China didn’t mind letting a man appear to call
the shots, as long as he knew who was running things. By contrast, Roxie was a vain young loud
mouth who needed to be acknowledged in whatever way she could. As for China, to whatever
extent that she needed men in her life, China had Anthony and Gino; and as far as she was
concerned, that was enough. She filled in the rest of the gaps with pussy and money, and not
necessarily in that order.
When China lay on the bed after her shower, she hadn’t really planned on going to sleep. She
was too mad at the world, to even enjoy her vibrator. She just lay there thinking that Anthony
would come in any minute. When he did, she was going to fuck his brains out, then creep out
while he was sleeping, and take his car to go and get the tape. But Anthony didn’t come in all
night. China was pissed, not really because Anthony didn’t come home, but because she had to
blame someone about forgetting the tape; she figured it might as well be him.
Roxie’s Freaks
Roxie drove away from Plummet Street and wondered when she would get a chance to actually
view what was on the video tape. Her apartment, where she had absolutely no privacy was out
of the question. That was one reason Roxie loved being at the house on Plummet Street, where
she felt more comfortable than her own crowded home. Roxie did everything she could think of
to keep from returning to her mother’s small place, where she stilled shared a room with her two
sisters. I hate coming back to this dump! She fantasized about living at the house on Plummet
Street, just her and Gino; with Bacardi out of the picture. My boo can just leave that bitch right
across town and come and be with me. We’ll pimp that motha fuckin house out!!!
Roxie wondered if maybe she should swing by the house in the morning to play things off; that
way, she wouldn’t be a suspect when they find the tape missing. I’ll go by and figure out how
I’m gon’ handle this shit. If I get a chance to, maybe I can watch it there. But she knew if she
showed up at the house, Bacardi and China would suspect her right away, esp ecially since she
had no reason to be there. Roxie considered going to her little freak’s house to watch the tape;
she would have to suck his little pencil dick.